Karma has come up on numerous discussions,as of late. Some believe deeply  in karma,.others not. Some see it as strictly based on the Eastern philosopy,others have incorporated it into their lives daily as they see it. Has karma changed over the years? Are there different kinds? Is karma both paybacks for good and bad or just bad? Myself? I believe in cause and effect,no equal and opposite reaction always.the Earth,the world,our Physical realm and I think even the spiritual realm too is rarely in perfect balance...Ypour thoughts on Karma? If someone that DOES follow an Eastern philosopy,couold explain their take on karma,I'd appreciate that too,as I dont believe that is what many banter about. "Karma will get ypou or come back to you"

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now i have not heard of points.......wow....who keep tracks of that?

I never thought of it quite like that.   Do you accrue interest?   Lol, Do you get a free glass when you make a deposit? (Smile!)

interesting.  :o)

Hi, C'Lass! You asked me to comment on Karma.  I'm not sure what I can add to the discussion. 

We tend to get back what we put into any given thing until we change it or ourselves (lol, but there is usually someone out there who is primed and ready to step into our previous position/situation.).  It has more to do with learning curve than pay-back although we do tend to experience the same consequences of our actions over and over again (pleasant or unpleasant) until we do change/learn.

Lol, if you keep throwing a ball at the same trajectory where it eventually ricochets off several surfaces and returns to hit you in the head, you will (probably) learn to throw that ball at a different angle sooner or later, especially if it hurts when it returns to hit you in the head.  It might feel like punishment if you are conditioned to think in those terms but is only the result of one's own actions.  If one does not like what one experiences, one can change one's aim and/or position (attitude).  If someone else want's to step into that position and get hit in the head with the ball when it returns, that person might learn something from the experience too. like, don't do that!  Sometimes another person comes along and chooses to continue to throw the ball until s/he figures out what trajectory will recreate the bonk on the head for him/her, well, that's a choice too...

I think that once all the window dressing is stripped away from the doctrine of karma, reincarnation and all the rest of the things we mix up with it,  karma is just a way of saying we learn from experience or repeatedly open ourselves to the same consequences of our repeated actions.

That's an over simplification but it will have to do.

Dana Dana...may I copy this and send it to someone I think fits this exact explanation. He's closely related to me. Please.


If you like it Pat, feel free!  Lol, it's not like it is a big secret that only I am privy to... :)

But, you wrote it and it's yours to give or not give. Just courtesy. Thank you very much.

Thanks for the courtesy Pat.

Thanks Dana Dana! I asppreciate your thoughts!

I think the key is getting the wisdom "TO" learn from our experiences,both good and bad....

this was a good one to read. 

Karma is not out to get you like people think. It is just a name. I believe in it. I just believe that what intentions you put into something is exactly what you will get out. And what you get out is karma. Karma can be both positive and negative.


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