Karma has come up on numerous discussions,as of late. Some believe deeply  in karma,.others not. Some see it as strictly based on the Eastern philosopy,others have incorporated it into their lives daily as they see it. Has karma changed over the years? Are there different kinds? Is karma both paybacks for good and bad or just bad? Myself? I believe in cause and effect,no equal and opposite reaction always.the Earth,the world,our Physical realm and I think even the spiritual realm too is rarely in perfect balance...Ypour thoughts on Karma? If someone that DOES follow an Eastern philosopy,couold explain their take on karma,I'd appreciate that too,as I dont believe that is what many banter about. "Karma will get ypou or come back to you"

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The notion that Karma is out to get you comes from the Christian sin/guilt complex...

Agree.....the fear factor that you will get "payed back"...

I did not learn Karma from the Christian approach...but from Eastern thought. As a flowing thing. Some get so complicated that it makes one think they need a guru to understand. I don't believe in that since the confusion is a control issue.  IMO it goes back to believing or not believing in reincarnation. I don't think that Karma can even exist without reincarnation...but that's just me.

I believe in reincarnation,but not karma.....Again,I think it all boils down too for those of you that do believe and follow karma how you define it.

Most of the time I don't even think about it.  Only when I see something that seems really peculiar in someones life. Something that doesn't really make sense.

HMMMM... Got me thinkin now.

Yes that is what I gather too. And people eat it up with a spoon!!!

The sin/guilt stuff means mostly people do not like themselves... If you are born in sin, then you have to spend your life somehow atoning. Lots of unnecessary suffering...

The bla bla bla of religions control features.  Causes so much unnecessary fear and hurt. Off subject...sorry. Opinion of course.

and unnecessary guilt......a way to control,I believe

yeah...this has been something i have been learning a lot about over the years.   sin/guilt complex so hard to work through on my end...  :o)

You'll succeed!!Once we realize it,that's the ticket....


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