As an usher for a years time in the catholic church, i have been confronted to join a fraternal order of the roman catholic church known as the "Knights of Columbus" i know they do a lot of fundraisers but that's not my concern, what my concern really is, is, is there a curriculum to the order? after searching on amazon through numerous books i have come across a book titled "Knights of Columbus: Illustrated. a complete ritual and history of ...

there is a review under this title by a member of the order stating how wrong it is to release the secrets of the order and how angered he is by it, i was wondering if maybe anyone has a direct link to a pdf of this book or if someone knows the "inside" of this order maybe who would like to reveal a little to someone about what this order really does and if it's worth joining.

also is there a connection between them and the templars?

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"is there a connection between them and the templars?"


Yes , there is...yet whereas the Knights Templar deal with

both Father and Mother pillars in our code , the Knights of

Columbus deal with only Father pillar...


Father pillar of eight symbols = 391


Yehoshua = 391 ( Obri / Hebrew , Joshua - Jesus )


Church + Code = 391


Our dual Father pillar = 782 ( 391 + 391 )


Knights Of Columbus + God's Work + To Protect / Defend = 782


Yet note :


God's Work = 173


Angels = 173


thank you shawn for your responses, is this curriculum somehow related to the christian cabala because you mention the pillars, so what youre saying is it deals with, the kether, the chokmah, da'ath, chesed, tiphareth, netzach, yesod & malkuth? is da'ath a part of their cabala? i'm guessing by your answer you are also stating that they deal with numerology? o have also, also, read on a forum that i can become a master in the order in 4 months is that true as well? sorry i have so many questions, i just don't know anybody in it.
another question if i wanted to join a hermetic society at the same time would i have to tell the k of c that i am in that society as well or can i keep it to myself?
i guess it is strictly esoteric, being that you did'nt answer, but, i guess i'll join.

Sorry , Nicky , fell asleep...


There is the outer circle of "good deeds" in

the community...then there is also the working

on the self , and spiritual growth...


This is all most who join , get...


Yet there are always inner circle teachings in any

order , as one progresses...if there is ritual , one

is given certain teachings , or understandings , that

later , one is informed , if one is seen "worthy" , by

that order , have deeper meanings , and implications...


( just the way these orders work , "right or wrong" )


The Obri / Hebrew Qabalah , is one part of the teaching ,

of most orders , yes...then there is , within some orders ,

such as the Knights of Columbus , older tradition...


Working with the levels of the tree , is often done , by

ritual , or individual work , without them telling you that

is what is going on...


Just that what you are participating in , or given to do ,

involves the energy of that sephirah...


And , though pythagorean , or other forms of numerology ,

or mathematics , is taught within many orders , gematria ,

is a key to understanding deeper levels of the outer world ,

inner self , and workings of the orders...


And in some , not just Obri / Hebrew...;)


I would never trust anyone , or anything , that said you could

become a master of anything in 4


However , you could be given a title , then have to "earn" it ,

after the fact...( like gurus giving disciples names , many times )


I hope that gives you some answers to your questions...



My Grandfather was a Knight of Columbus. I spent a lot of time with him and I never saw anything to cause alarm nor concern. Most of them are older men. From what I know they focus on being the quiet helpers in the world around them. I have never met one that wasn't just as dedicated to helping the people around them as they were to their God. I say if this is how you want to live your life then joining is probably a good choice.

They are older men , because many of the secret

societies have seen a decline in membership , since

the 1960's...drastic , in some cases...


One reason , why the Masons instituted a weekend

third degree intitiation...unheard of , in the original

Ancient and Accepted tradition...( Blue Lodge )

" Most of them are older men."

they specifically wanted me to join because they said i was young blood and they need a young generation to run the group in the future at my parish.



my dad was a knight i ask him why


the KofC was created as a catholic answer to the protestant group the Free Masons

the church didn't want their male members running off and joining a secret protestant society so they created a catholic one of their own!

so they're catholic freemasons? lol awesome!

They don't know all the top level freemasons know...


Vice versa , let alone the Shriners...( above of both )


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