As an usher for a years time in the catholic church, i have been confronted to join a fraternal order of the roman catholic church known as the "Knights of Columbus" i know they do a lot of fundraisers but that's not my concern, what my concern really is, is, is there a curriculum to the order? after searching on amazon through numerous books i have come across a book titled "Knights of Columbus: Illustrated. a complete ritual and history of ...

there is a review under this title by a member of the order stating how wrong it is to release the secrets of the order and how angered he is by it, i was wondering if maybe anyone has a direct link to a pdf of this book or if someone knows the "inside" of this order maybe who would like to reveal a little to someone about what this order really does and if it's worth joining.

also is there a connection between them and the templars?

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I beg to differ, the KofC is a fraternal order, the word comes from the Latin frater, tracing back to the Sanskrit brate related to the Fr. Frere, the English,  Friar, Slavic bratek, German Brudder, all meaning "brother" the idea is that the members would regard each other as brothers in arms anbd cause.  You are correct about the being anti choice, but the guys in the little cars are Shriners, a Masonic philanthropic group, they fund children's hospitals and are at the forefront for treating burn victims.

That's fucked up and ignorant.


"Heathen warrior brothers" ganging up on old men who collect toys for children and fund other philanthropic causes?




I think you'd be the idiot of one in that war party.

This time , I heartily agree with you , Kelly...


Rather disgraceful for a supposed knight...


Want to rethink that one , Einarr ?


They may have agendas some of us may not like...


However...slice and dice is rather extreme , wouldn't

you say ?



Guys, i think he wa joking, a poor one but a joke no the less.



Cut some slack , buddy...


I am one of those guys like those Sicilian gentlemen...


Smile , wink , then cut your throat in the same breath...


A smile or wink , means nothing as far as meaning just

joking , to me...however , a grip , sign , and seal , just might...;)

what's with the name, why "Columbus"?

Well, to quote that great mecca of learned information from small minds everywhere, Wikipedia:

"The Knights of Columbus is the world's largest Catholic fraternal service organization. Founded in the United States in 1882, it is named in honor of Christopher Columbus.[1]"

that great mecca of learned information from small minds everywhere, Wikipedia 



interesting...I looked it up on the same

"McGivney had originally conceived of the name "Sons of Columbus", but James T. Mullen, who would become the first Supreme Knight, successfully suggested that "Knights of Columbus" would better capture the ritualistic nature of the new organization."


---SO that makes more sense...

I just had this picture before of Christopher Columbus with a following of knights like something out of Monty Python :) says:

"The Knights of Columbus is a formidable volunteer group, boasting about 14,000 councils made up of 1.8 million Roman Catholic male members in the US, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, the Philippines, Poland, and several other countries. The organization is also a force to be reckoned with in the insurance world, providing life insurance, annuities, and long-term care insurance to its members and their families. In addition, the group manages the Knights of Columbus Museum in New Haven, Connecticut, featuring exhibits of religious art and history. The Knights of Columbus was founded in New Haven by Father Michael J. McGivney in 1882 and has been selling insurance since its founding.

according to


A fraternal and beneficent society of Catholic men, founded in New Haven, Connecticut, 2 February, 1882, and incorporated under the laws of Connecticut, 29 March, 1882.

The organizers and incorporators were the Reverend M.J. McGivney, the Reverend P.P. Lawlor, James T. Mullen, Cornelius T. Driscoll, Dr. M.C. O'Connor, Daniel Colwell, William M. Geary, John T. Kerrigan, Bartholomew Healey, and Michael Curran. The purpose of the society is to develop a practical Catholicity among its members, to promote Catholic education and charity, and, through its insurance department, to furnish at least temporary financial aid to the families of deceased members."


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