I have been thinking about something for a very long time now the kind of idea that pops in your head every so often that you do not know whether or not you could do it but the idea intrigues you enough that you keep coming back to the idea later wondering about whether or not its possible.

so here is the idea if anyone knows one way or another whether it could work please let me know.

Could a circle of mirrors surrounding a circle of candles be angled in such a way that the light from the candles could form the shape of a star on the surface they rest on.

This is the second time in a about 3 or 4 days I have thought about this, the other day I said to myself there has to be a way, if by using a series of mirrors they can create something like a periscope there has to be a way for this to work.

I have seen shows on history channel that showed how lightcould be reflected from the sun down into the pyramidsI never understood the exact mechanics of it but something like this seems simpler but still part of my mind says the shadow of the candles would be in the way so I can not be certain.
Google is no help when it comes down to searching for answers to questions its only good for single word look upsotherwise it chops things into pieces like a child trying to pronounce a difficult word.

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Better to use a laser than a candle. Then you could have your own "Charles Stross: Laundry Files" style laser pentacle. 

The tunnels in Egyptian tombs were painted without finding any smoke residue from the artist candle or oil lamp on ceilings, suggesting they perhaps used this method of shining light from a burnished bronzed parabolic dish down the tunnel which has been found to be impractical as the deeper the tunnel goes the more diminished the light becomes. 

It has been suggested by other investigators that they used battery-powered electric lights from some of the carvings found on monuments. Make of it what you will.

Below: Electric lightbulbs documented in use at the Temple of Hathor in 2020 B.C. To our knowledge, the electric lightbulb had not been invented until Thomas Edison created it in the 1800's A.D. 

What type of mirrors are you talking about?

Google can not answer, for it is not a real practice of crafts, it only collects information it feels may be true.

These things you have to know yourself and how to do it successfully.  

You are limiting your self by using just google. Try a meta-search engine!! 

You only need one candle, but what mirror you use is up to you and  to understand.

Doesn't seem likely.

The mirrors have to catch the light of the candles AND be pointed down to the surface, but the light from the candle is diffuse and not focused, so you'd just reflect diffused light, just like old lanterns used to do.

Nah, that’s more of decoration.

The concept is still the same.  Using mirrors to reflect more light.  It won't focus the light.

A’well he probably figured it out by now.

A parabolic mirror will focus the light which is the old way of making a spot-light with a candle or oil lamp. However, a laser is a more interesting solution.

Laser sounds like a movie lol. Laser will only create alchemy, not a scry affect.


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