I'm surveying the masses to find what are some traditions that people follow for Litha, Midsummer. For example for Yule my family goes on a bakjng and decorating binge to mae things festive, we always have the same meal yule evening and stay up far too late. Weve yet to party till the sun comes up but im sure itll happen one daay.

So what do you do tomark the high point of summer?

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Go swimming :) and a festival...

This year I suggest sex outdoors in the sunlight. Sure wish we had a fence.

a common tradition clothed in christian tradtions as well as pagan traditions. The christian tradition is to celebrate John the baptist's memorial (even though he's been dead for over a thousand years supposedly)

this is called Sankthans/St.Hans, Jonsok is from jónsvaka from old norse and means watching night or Vigil night for Jon/john- Sankthans is the modern name though the pre christian version was most likely festivities of dancing, drinking and music.

Today it is celebrated with usually a large bonfire (Sweden use the Maypole) in northern europe on june 23 and 24th. bbq,dancing, music, community gatherings and games including gossip...is very typical. Barrel bon fire in Bergen from 2007, borrowed from wikipedia.

Swedish Midsommar (Maypole) feast,dancing,drinking..

We have Sunflowers on the outdoor Altar and marigolds scattered around the perimeter of the circle.  

I change the decorations on my altar to summer (green wheat) and make myself a picnic dinner and watch the movie "A Midsummer's Night Dream" to candlelight.  I do this every year unless I'm going out.

Maybe go  swimming.


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