Let me begin by stating that I am a Greek pagan. I've heard people for and against this trickster and I'd like to hear from the Asatru why Loki shouldn't be worshipped. I want to learn and I will be sitting on the sidelines this time. I haven't heard any concrete arguments so far, but I'd still like to hear from the Norse community.

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Symbiotic relationship , and co - working , Matt ?


Or something different ?



Thanks, Matt. I got that feeling from watching real practicioners. 

It seems more personal working with lwa, and it;s not like the lwa (at least to me) want worship...just some rum, some tobacco or saome other kind of token...kinda like a fey offering or what you put in a shrine to your house gods. and a roof over their head somewhere...and if they need something they will let you know...maybe harshly.


I worship Hades actually lmao.
I agree! Besides, the Olympians aren't all fluff and kittens.

Jotunns are just a different breed all together when it comes to deities - in a sense they are the neolithic forms of the god/dess brought in to history because our surviving ancestors found themselves needing to worship them for one reason or another. Personally, I have had the trickster turn up in all sorts of places as I have started down the path of initiate in to the Runes and the ways of my ancestors. 


Since Loki is a full blood Jotunn we have to understand what that means in comparison to most other Aesir and Vanir to be able to see why others might be hesitant to worship him or worried by those who do. When we look to the Elder Futhark we can see that Thurisaz means giant & thorn, that is to say, that which is with out mind for what or who may get in the way of it's thorn-like protection of the functions and ideals of the self. 


A snow storm, hail storm, thunder storm, forest fire & a thistle all have this 'mind set' in common. And so they can be well hated for it - and why not? If your a farmer  and a hail storm comes your way and ruins your crop - that calamity. It seems only natural that the two would be enemies. Here we can see that on a primal level the storm is only following it's nature. Though, if by the same token we call a sword 'evil' for the fact that it was forged to cut, in that, we make ourselves fools.


So it would seem that those who are against your friend may indeed find her worship to be counter productive to their own and subsequently ask her to stay far away. Personally I think that's idiocy. That is to say, having disaster happen to you in life is not a question of if but a question of when - so if indeed she has an insight in to those things because of her divine calling to Loki then in that she is a great asset and NOT the bringer of bad omens. 


As I always say - since your bound to fall down in life you might as well learn how to fall and smile at the same time. :D


 - Cheers


It is him being a Jotunn that usually sets people off, and subsequently they get hostile towards me. As of now I suppose you could say I have accepted this fact, and for the most part figure I am fine practicing as a solitary. Though, for you to say I would be a great asset though...that means a lot. I have never heard someone actually put it that way before, thank you.

You are so welcome! 


It is easy for a traditionalists to get stuck in their metaphors, often to the point that they forget that it's the experience that really matters. But if that's true then every one's experience is valuable. 


If you were near me, I'd totally be apart of your hof. :]

I remembered this web site I ha come across not that long ago and thought that perhaps your friend could benefit from it Aikaterina. The man running it says that he's a Northern Tradition shaman who was contacted and is in the service of Hella, goddess of death - He's very open to the idea of the Jutonns, like Loki, being a type of god that can have a relationship with human-beings.

Raven Kaldera - http://www.northernshamanism.org/general/welcome.html

Hope that helps -

I think Raven rocks...


He has some very interesting info...;)

Aikterine~! Thank you so much for this lovely thread by the way! I am really soaking up a lot of the different opinions here, and I am finding there are so many that don't find Loki disgusting. To be honest it is an eye opener for me.

I do *not* worship anyone , or anything...


Nor am I one who embraces the Norse Pantheon...


However...I have never told this story , anywhere online before...


Nor have I told it much in real life...


So...about 1974 , or thereabouts...I moved to Eugene , Oregon...


One day , I ate some mushrooms...yeah , that variety...


Now I was spiritually oriented , had read many myths , since I was

five or six...used to lug huge books back from library by ten...


And in general was pretty open to things...always learning...


But I went into the shower , while journeying...


And as I am shampooing my hair...I hear a voice...


"I Am Loki"


Now I knew who Loki was , but hearing a voice ?


Oh , c'mon , great , I am hearing voices on mushrooms ,

just what I need...yet , just as I thought that , I felt a

hand slam my chest , and I flew back against the shower

wall...sunk into the tub...and the voice said :


"I Am Loki , resist me , and I shall slay you !"


Now at that point , being in the state I was in , the only

thing that came out of my mouth was :


"I submit"


And the voice said "Good"...


Next I knew presence was gone , and I finished my shower

and went and laid down , trying to integrate what just happened...


Many years later , in the 1990's , I got downloaded with huge amounts

of rune information , I have confirmed , not through the Odinic , or the

Asatru community , except for one Asatru priest , yet Masons , Rosicrucians ,

and Native American , African , and Aboriginal elders...as well a Christian Priest...


And a Rabbi , or two...;)


Long story short...no worship...but there is more than one reason , my name is

Blackwolf...you think it is bad with Loki...try carrying Fenris' baggage around...;)


I generally do not talk about it...but for this...well just do your thing...fear no one...


And rip their throat out if they fuck with you too much...it is what I do...LOL...;)

By the way...


In the Rune system I work with and teach...


One of our main arrangements of runes , is a double

column of eight runes each...


One of those columns has our rune Dhoarnn , at the

top , opposite our rune for wisdomkeeper...


Most from the 24 rune system would know Dhoarnn ,

as Thurisaz...one meaning , is Giant...yet the word ,

giant , added in our number system , English to Runic ,

equals the number value for the wisdomkeeper rune...;)


And that column , with Dhoarnn / Thurisaz at the top ,

has a value of 603 for the eight symbols...


Jutonns Runes = 604


Our other column has a value of 391...


Giant's Secret = 390


Just for your info...;)


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