I am looking for a couple of like minded witches that would allow me to join their coven

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First you should post what you like and beliefs to see if some one is like you

You're right! Thank you

Useful book to read from the library before joining anything. The witch's coven:Finding or forming your own circle. Edain McCoy might not be the best pagan author at Llewellyn publishers but she does a good job of explaining things to look out for and think about. I am always solitary, many decades but I was curious about the group thing hence it is in my library and I read it many years ago when it was published. Not on this forum but on one of the british forums someone explained having to deal with drama and personal agendas in covens the book also goes into those things. You might try the site Witchvox.com they also have info on covens & groups listed per state etc, and listings of adult, college,teen and family groups.

Thank you will do


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