We will have two choices. GOP or Dems. In the end its up to being nominated. The polls don't necessarily decide who will be either parties nomination, but the popular vote does have a lot to do with it. Its who that party thinks can win the general election. 

So, we have Bernie Sanders/Hillary Clinton or Trump/Ben Carson. Bush is already too low in the polls.

So, I just want to ask all the Dems out there to PLEASE vote this time. Can you imagine either of those GOP people running our country? It really does matter. It matters to every person alive in this country.

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I will not vote for Trump and I will not vote for Hillary. I will not vote for Sanders. I will not be intimidated into voting for Hillary or Sanders for fear of what a Trump presidency looks like. I will not be intimidated into voting for Trump out of fear of what a Hillary or Sanders presidency would look like.

I will only vote for the most Libertarian candidate, which will likely be the one selected by the Libertarian Party.

Really? Libertarian is basically Tea party. Bigotry and racism abounds. I've yet to meet a Libertarian that doesn't have one issue or the other. Curious who you would actually vote for. If not Bernie or Clinton, and since you won't be swayed with the Trump sarcasm or guilt, I guess that to mean you are voting for Trump or some republican. Maybe not. I am curious who you want to be our next president. I won't judge. 

Then you've never met a Libertarian. Nor have you read their platform or any books on the philosophy. Obviously, you didn't read my statement or you would already know that I would not vote for Trump. As for the rest of the Republican field, the only one that remotely stood a chance of getting my vote is Rand Paul and he isn't nothing to get excited about.

At the moment, he is undecided as to whether he is going to run, but, I'd like to see Gary Johnson as president.

If Trump is nominated, and actually runs and wins...Canada is sounding better and better.

While a staggering number of Central Americans are trying to immigrate north to the USA, it might turn out that the USA will be presenting the same immigration problems to Canada if any of the GOP candidates wins the upcoming presidential election. Eisenhower they ain't, none of them.  LOL!!!

I don't know if I should even worry about it. With Trump in office we'll probably end up getting nuked...lol, by NATO! Wha ha ha ha!

LOL nato never does anything.

NATO gets most of their funding from the US.

Exactly, a perfect end to the cluster-fuck which would be Trump as POTUS.


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