A gumnan,one gunman,in Aurora,Colorado opened fire in a theatre after throwing in tear gas,shot over 70 people,killed 12,I believe.a pattern today. I see the middle road ,grey area,getting less and less. either people are one of the good guys or one of the bad more and more. We all lean one way or the other or do we? Striving for balance is tough,indeed,but to do that? In MY OPINION,that is evil puerly......thoughts?

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HOPE any folks anyone knows are safe too!!  My son is close to there in Colorado,too

And will mental illness be an excuse or reason?

Mental Illness is no excuse for violence.

I agree with you Anthony,however it IS the excuse that has been used many times in the past when incidents happen as this...

What we need to remember with mental illness and violence is Insanity is not a psychological term.  It is a term used in law.  So the insanity plea does not work well in court rooms and does not apply to psychology. 

Does not mean he can claim an "insanity" plea. I believe the numbers of a insanity plea actually working are around 2% claiming and .2% actually getting it believed.  Those might be old numbers though.

CNN is saying he was failing out of his PH.D program.  They are thinking that was the issue.

Prayer Vigil For Victims and family of Colorado Shooting

I have  on my site and group of CGW here   

A Call to Prayer

For those of Aurora  Colorado A man walked into a theater of those watching- the Dark Night- Batman Movie- 12 killed, more then 33 injured. Please remember and join us in vigil for those victims and families


I  also think this world today has  officially gone  nuts

Also I hate to say this  , this will not be last in  theaters, it will happen again some place else, It is scary, you can not go to movie theater now  without   something occurring 

There was a block party at Danzig court in Toronto. Someone shot up the street killing a 14yr old girl and a 23yr old male that wanted to become a cop. There were many more injured. All this is thought to be caused by rival gangs...

To answer the OP, I think that everyone has both good and evil in them. Like the sign of yin-yang. Even with good intent, evil can still be committed.... I think that the majority of these mass shootings/gun violence is well intended (however flawed the logic behind the intent) I would love to know why he thought this shooting should happen...

I like what Obama said this morning, "Even as we learn how this happen and who's responsible, we may never understand what leads anybody to terrorize their fellow human beings like this. Such violence, such evil, is senseless. It's beyond reason. While we may never know fully what causes somebody to take the life of another, we do know what makes life worth living."


This guy's motives probably make less sense then his actions. I don't really know about evil but you can't be right to do what that guy did. He is in custody and as this all unfolds, I'm sure he will talk. 


This is so frightening. My big brother and his family almost went to that theater last night. One of my husband's high school classmates was there. Luckily (is anything lucky about this) no one I know was hurt physically. I cried this morning. I'm not sure of the point of this last part. But I feel a little better sharing. Thanks.

My son is in winter park colorado and goes to aurora too,lots.....Thank goodness your FAM is safe!!


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