A gumnan,one gunman,in Aurora,Colorado opened fire in a theatre after throwing in tear gas,shot over 70 people,killed 12,I believe.a pattern today. I see the middle road ,grey area,getting less and less. either people are one of the good guys or one of the bad more and more. We all lean one way or the other or do we? Striving for balance is tough,indeed,but to do that? In MY OPINION,that is evil puerly......thoughts?

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idiot that played modern warefare 3 all day....didnt have a girlfriend....spoiled without a job and nothing better to do than opt for attention.....now he can sit in prison for 80 years and rot.....his name may be remembered but his karma will rip his soul apart for the next thousand years........no glory for this psycho.....

NICE!!Ray T.......exactly,though i dont believe in karma,just pay backs


"media control"? actually, your collective is already controlled by the media. the idea to control the media is one of the most absurd idealist fata morganas that I encounter. not that I don't understand this idealism, but it is about as unrealistic as world peace.

"pure evil" is an overemotional, sensationalist and impressively trashy way to put it. I can see plenty of people who are "in the middle", maybe you should walk away from the TV talkshows.

STILL sending positive hopes for the survivors and families of the lost......PLEASE take any personal arguments somewhere else.......

THANK YOU!! Lets remember the people!

I can't imagine the sadness those families have in their life right now. I am still really irate whenever I think about what that cruel man did to everyone.


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