I had a dream in which I was playing the harp. I was wearing a long flowing gown and my hair was long and straight. I was playing very well, although I've never even been in the same room with a harp, or had any thought or notion to learn it. Could this be a past life memory? Or it is simply the product of my imagination?

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hehe not a problem Lara, it happen to everyone! :) Have a wonderful Friday!

I believe imagination. I always dream I can fly. Will not try it in this life time. And I'm quite sure if there is a such thing as a past life I did not try it then and if I did. Well, then I know who I died.
I think everyone dreams that they fly, but I don't think they're really dreams, but rather out of body journeys that we experience. But that's just my personal opinion. I remember once, I was "flying" over my street...and I remember seeing all of the hydro and telephone poles and wires below me...it was a clear night, and I could see the roof of my house. It was pretty intense!
I think it might be impossible to know. It may be a moment lived in a different dimension. Our brains are in a different state while we are dreaming. Sometimes I think that we are actually in a different reality-not simply imagining. There is a lot of meaning in dreams. We think in a different language while dreaming.
I think you're probably right Hobbyhorse! I also believe there are many different dimentions, and that in our "awake" stake, we mostly get to experience only this one...unless we're one of the lucky ones! I've always had a very strong sense of imagination, and it sometimes runs away from me...but it kind of makes me wonder...where do I GET all these thoughts and notions...they have to come from SOMEwhere...there has to be some truth in my hairbrained ideas. lol


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