Molech The Feminist’s Pagan God Of Worship Exposed

I am putting the blame on my friend, n' his topic of demonology/demons n' modern pagan beliefs. In a good way I blame you, this is not the norm for me, so I started to ponder, wonder, got curious..n' then I came upon this interesting article,although sick with some of the writers descriptions of abortions n' it being a sacrifice. I thought everyone else would like to read it. Post whatever on the discussion wall, debate among yourselves.Just behave. ;)


Molech The Feminist’s Pagan God Of Worship Exposed

March 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Molech or Moloch is the feminists’ pagan god of worship, along with Lilith or Asherah or Isis, the god of seduction whom the Wiccan witches worship also. Lilith is a demon general that disguises itself as a transvestite female spirit that Satan claims to have been the first wife of Adam who she divorced, and is also the title of the feminist magazine that has articles on sex change to sex therapy. She or he is supposed to kidnap children, hence, the word “lullaby” came about, which means to ward off—“Lilith Bye.”

Molech is the same god as the person called Ba’al, which Ahab and Jezebel worshipped. The name means “to pass the children through fire,” because people used to sacrifice their live infants into the burning statue of the god Molech, just as the feminists are doing in modern days to Molech through abortion; sacrificing hundreds of millions of babies to the god of personal convenience and personal family economics. It is an abomination in the eyes of the Living God. God says in Leviticus 18:21, “You shall not give any of your children to devote them by fire to Moloch, and so profane the name of your God.”

It was a common practice in the Middle East and North Africa. The child was thrown into the outstretched hands of the burning brass statue of Molech, and the priests beat the drum to drown out the cry of the child from the mother’s ears, much like the ultrasound display of the fetus cringing away from the abortion tools that rip off its legs and arms slowly, is hid from the mother. The Romans and Greeks record the barbaric Carthaginian practice of burning of children as an offering to their chief god Cronus or Saturn—that is Ba’al.

Paul Mosca translates the Plato’s Republic as, “There stands in their midst a bronze statue of Kronos, its hands extended over a bronze brazier, the flames of which engulf the child. When the flames fall upon the body, the limbs contract and the open mouth seems almost to be laughing until the contracted body slips quietly into the brazier. Thus it is that the ‘grin’ is known as ‘sardonic laughter,’ since they die laughing.”

John Milton records Moloch as one of the greatest warriors of the fallen angels or demons. He is listed among the chief of Satan’s angels, and in the devil’s parliament argues for immediate war against God and his holy angels. He becomes one of the leading pagan gods on the earth, in ancient times as well as controlling modern abortion clinics, and feminist chapters worldwide, and Satan’s humanist Western Christian churches. Moloch is used as a metaphor in the place of capitalism and industrial civilization, in one of Allen Ginsberg’s poem.

Wayne Barlowe depicts Moloch as a commander of the demonic army, who is both merciless and vicious, despite losing both of his legs to burning fire during his fall from Heaven, after fighting the Archangel Michael’s holy angels, as recorded in the Bible. Perhaps, the special reason why he loves to burn off human children’s legs who were created in God’s image, is because his own legs were burned off by God’s angelic armies. He is one of the more powerful demons, along with the Muslim demon Allah of human religion, and Mammon demon of materialism, and Abaddon or Apollyon demon of war. I believe he is not a Virtue, Power or Principality level demon, but rather, a Dominion level demon.

This god that rules feminism today is often depicted as having the head of a bull, which may have led to the tales of Cronus and Minotaur. He is still very active and worshipped by feminists, as populations of whole States and Provinces of babies are sacrificed every year in abortion clinics throughout the world to him. For this and many reasons of abomination, God’s wrath and judgment is soon coming upon a wicked world to judge mankind.

Human sacrifice to demonic spirits is nothing new—it has continued to exist since ancient times. Just as God judged the homosexual men during Sodom and Gomorrah, and the feminist queen Jezebel in ancient times, God will once more judge the satanic inverted-gender mankind in the last days of human history, along with unfortunately, the religious Christian pastors in the modern Western religious humanist Hellenistic End-Times Laodicea churches who support homosexuality and feminism and Molech, in the name of Western perverted humanism and equal rights.

In their minds, there is no difference of authority between employer and servant, parent and child, male and female, angelic 1st sphere Seraphims and lower 3rd sphere Principalities, Christ and Church; and can care less about proper godly order and authority of created beings. They are the ones who rip out and revise the Word of God (Jesus Christ’s parts) as they please without even a hesitation, according to their own Hellenist Pharisee feminist doctrines. If they knew who Jesus was, they would be too scared and reverent to do so. They have no Truth or light in them. So, God will take away from their blessings in heaven for desecrating and perverting the holy Word of God, out of their self-righteous thoughts and depraved Western values. They are the End-Times lukewarm Church that God refers to in Revelation 3:16.

My prayer is that the Western religious world would repent, and turn back to God and His Truth. But I am afraid very few will realize and turn. It is one of the most wicked generations that mankind has seen in history, and their minds have been too brainwashed with Western self-righteous feminist culture, just like the Eastern pastors are saturated with Satan’s Confucian and Taoist values, and Middle-Eastern pastors are influenced by male-dominating Sharia laws. The pastors will receive the worst judgments, because they fear social values and sentiments, and teach Western philosophies of the devil’s agenda; thereby, keeping the congregation and sheep in darkness and sin, depriving them of God-centered living.

They plant and encourage the seeds of disorder and rebellious self-righteousness in the church strata of godly order, disrupting God’s true blessings, and consequently, affect the Last Days judgment-awaiting society, through their carnal interpretation of God’s loving, orderly, protective Word. Even the elect are spiritually blinded by their Western satanically feminist upbringing and cultural understanding of what is right and wrong. They nullify the power of the Word and Truth. In the End-Times, the church is so perverted that there is no real love and submission, but only human love and human concept of order.

They have forgotten that they are only the tools of God to teach the Word of God plainly, but they make every cultural and humanist excuse and reason to warp it, revise it, cut and paste it, reinterpret it, snip it, add to it, and reconstruct it to satanic modern Western Jezebel values. We are at a Truth crisis. No one is willing to teach the Truth, which goes against their own concept of righteousness. Unfortunately, I feel that the Church will probably welcome the return of the Lord in this way. It will not change, knowing modern men and women. Though they are not the men and women God originally created and biblically taught, I’m glad that they are not warped to the level of some of the bisexual unclean spirits I have fought against that wreak havoc among men.

As we approach closer to the End, you will probably see more drastically, satanically-feminized, castrated Western pastors, and more radical male-dominating Muslim imams preaching stricter adherence to traditional Sharia laws that condone the beating of women. These pastors will lose their rewards on judgment day for they continue to give up God’s righteousness for their own American cultural self-righteousness, which is actually hidden ugly human pride, the worst sin that brought about Lucifer’s fall. They desecrate the Truth with their manipulation of the Word to conform to their human finite understanding, using their Western ideology of human equality and social justice (Satan’s deception to destroy the family, and consequently, society itself). The Bible says, “Will Jesus find faith when He returns?!” May the Lord have mercy.

I knew a pastor who was a typical feminized man, probably brought up by a masculinized American mother controlled by Molech. He believed that women should take active leadership in the church, and take responsibility over men. As a result, about half of his worship leaders, master-of-ceremonies, cell group leaders, and administrators were women. In the typical fashion of a Molech-controlled family, his wife often ran his family and loved to have the limelight in gatherings. The women loved his church, and his church grew, because their husbands had to submit to their wives’ desires to attend. A lot of them refused to wear make-up, always mocked and antagonized men using testosterone jokes thereby mocking God himself, and often would dump their babies in my lap and go off to eat and chat with other women for hours leaving their babies.

The pastor’s wife would come to order me to go in the kitchen to wash dishes with the other men, though the men had been working very hard setting up the campfire pillars and shopping and cleaning. They would lie around on the carpet cuddling their boyfriends, touching each other, during Bible study. The women started believing that God was half man and half woman with a transvestite nature (Heavenly Father & Mother = a spirit of typical signs of demonic pagan sun god and fertility goddess tampering), and that the 12 disciples were 6 men and 6 women, too, and dismiss God’s commands as just in the context of ancient Jewish culture and values, and need not be heeded for it was meaningless scripture to modern American’s righteousness. When I gave the women Bible scriptures showing them verses that contradicted their feminist beliefs, they would ignore them, which showed to me their level of respect for Jesus. I had told the pastor long before that this would happen, but he had stopped speaking to me, so I just handed them over to Molech and Satan. So is the modern day American and European church men. Their values do not reflect the Truth and the Life, but they reflect Satan’s inverted character.

It is hard to find a church that follows the complete Truth, for in the Last Days, they have all fallen to apostasy and worst form of hidden hypocrisy. Satan always works from two extremes in the End-Times churches: Puritan judgmental religious legalism, and pagan Hellenist carnal compromising self-righteous humanist liberalism. He’s got the churches in a strangle hold by both the horns and the tail.

It’s interesting to see that it’s happening right before our very eyes, EXACTLY as the Lord prophesied, thousands of years ago, right down to the tittle. We are definitely living in the End of the End-Times, my dear friends. When men start to fear their women and public sentiment, and women start wanting the leadership, and pastors start preaching humanist equality day in and day out believing it as righteous, something satanic is brewing in that society: the start of quick downward spiral to Sodomy and Gomorrah—a perversion of male/female genders—satanization. We must be ready for the Lord’s return, any moment now. When Israel returns as a nation, and the Church falls to this level of utter apostasy and self-righteous humanism we see now, you will know we are right at the door.

It is no time to be playing around with our own concepts of right and wrong, dearly beloved of the Lord. Wake up from our slumber and cultures. Bring proper worship and respect to the Lord’s image—male and female. Stop sacrificing babies; and having sex between women, despising men; and wearing scanty clothes to lure people’s eyes; and beating/yelling at wives; and going to sperm banks to create a super race; and flirting with more feminine mistresses; for these things God’s judgment is coming. Purify and prepare yourselves, for soon you will be with the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords; the One who loves you and created you beautifully—male and female. He is coming to clean up house, hose it down, set things in their proper order as it was in Adam and Eve’s “Agape” days, and judge each man according to their stewardship of the truth—God’s Truth, not Hillary Clinton or Molech’s or Lilith’s or Oprah Winfrey’s truth—the reason why so many people despise and look down on perverted, inverse, American extreme society and culture! Believe it or not, there’s a bloody battle going on for the control of the pastors’ minds, for they influence many. And many shall fall to darkness or rise to shine, by them. Right now, it looks like Molech’s legions are gaining the upper hand. 

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More anti-feminist, anti-choice blather, comparing 'demon' worship to those who have abortions putting the blame squarely on women while avoiding the millennia-old tradition of men abandoning their families to starve. 

No he probably got his ass kicked by a girl in high school.
I couldn't even begin on the historical inaccuracies.

the reason why so many people despise and look down on perverted, inverse, American extreme society and culture



I seen it, I was like wtf, so I posted....but when I looked Allah up, there's references of him being demonic, same with the others.


I never said that it makes him demonic, i was curious on the why of the reference to him being that from dude

Now I got confusion in my thoughts any help will be nice lol,%20Moon%20god.htm

LMAO! I couldnt even get through all of this because I was laughing so hard. Once again I am floored by Christian ignorance and absurd ideas. Total bullshit.

this is awsome. i almost printed it out to wipe my ass with it.

I couldn't read all of that, I started to gag; I've stated my opposition to abortion on this forum, I can't accept this BS, this man is sick, a woman hater, he has directed his venom at women and not the priesthood.

Is this an inner tradition of christianity, this is exactly what they said of the pagan Irish, that they sacrificed their children to Cromm, it would explain the fetal skeletons around many nunneries!

The actual truth is that Moloch is Satan's son. I think that this article was written by somebody who has real anger issues. If he really knew scripture he would know that God's curse on homosexuals is the formula where the priest whole dedicates his being unto God. Fire burning in the mind with only one cure. If Moloch or Satan where that stupid I don't think that they would have lasted this long. Hatred for wemon is nothing new just ask any guy who hasn't been lucky for awhile. Just think when he dies he will be tormented by what he himself has created. And may I say if there were a hell like he states I hope he enjoys the heat because he will be there for quite awhile.


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