Hello everyone,
I am new here and willing to go into money rituals.
Can somebody help me please?

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Follow this link to a whole bunch of money spells: Money Spells

I need money rituals not money spell okay.
If you want to help me just do it help me to do money ritual

I thought "spells" and "rituals" were the same thing when used in the context of using magic to achieve a goal. Perhaps you would be kind enough to explain the difference to me Agbola.

Rituals can be everyday actions (habitual thought patterns, emotional states and behavior) that you repeat to create your reality, sometimes without even realizing it.

But ritual can also be performed with specific intent to become a deliberate act of creation. As such, ritual is encapsulated within the spell-casting process.


A spell is used to create something and embed its stirring life force within the living matrix.

A spell adds an energy strand to the energy web. Spells instruct, craft, weave, swirl and mold our life force.

A spell is a representational formula to incur change.


A ritual, no matter how simple, touches deep within your core.

A ritual fosters connection and soulfulness with body, mind and spirit.

Rituals hold space by helping you maintain an internal state until it becomes a default. Life breathing.

Ritual is prayer-in-motion, a physical gesture that merges within and without, above and below, integrating them in your present by shifting and transforming your vibration.

Just some fruit for thought. 

I need someone to lead me to a money ritual home.

I'm ready for money ritual.

I want money,fame and power.

I want to sell my soul and kill for money 

Some actors are famous, so too are some sciencetists, inventors, artists and queens all for different reasons. What is it you want to be famous for? What is stopping you from working towards achieving it?

Likewise with power. Some people have the power to send law-breakers to prison or to the electric chair. Others have the power to join others in marriage, or to switch on a towns Xmas lights. What do you mean by power? The power to do what?

You want to kill for money, go work in an abattoir.

What makes you think your soul is worth anything?


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