In the mornings, I do a tantric breath of fire followed by a grounding meditation, after which I write it my gratitude journal, pull a tarot card, and then pick out a stone for the day and charge it with an intention.

What are your, if any, morning or evening spiritual rituals? I would love to hear how other people wake up in their spirituality (:

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Alas, I SHOULD be doing my morning invocations to Janus, Vesta and the household gods each morning, and addressing any god whose day it is, and lighting incense and oil burners in my lararium each morning and sharing my morning meal with them.

I'd love to be able to pull a tarot card each morning to meditate on during the day.

I used to do a prayer to my Janus shrine on my front door each day before I walked out the door, which calmed and centered me before going into rush hour traffic, but I fell out of that habit.  I need to start doing that again.

But I am not a morning person.  I barely wake up in time to get ready for work.  I breakfast at work at my desk.  Usually a diet Slimfast and protein bar.

If I could find tiny figurines of the household gods, I'd set up a tiny lararium at work, so I could do, this, but they don't exist. 

You could always buy some of that mold-and-bake clay and create your own tiny figurines! (: they often sell that clay at kid's craft stores. You just mold the clay and bake it in the oven, and then paint it. I've actually been meaning to do something similar - I've been wanting to create little pocket-sized Goddesses to carry around during the day (:

Thanks, but LOL, I'm not that artsy.  Years ago, I actually bought chess pieces with a Greek Gods theme, so I actually have small goddess and god figurines I could carry around, but the household gods (Lares and Penates) are pretty specific looking:

Not sure if Goddess Gifts will have what you are looking for, but they carry a nice collection of miniatures.  

Wow, they DO have a great miniature collection.  Not what I need, but super resource.  Thanks.

Mine usually is a rush because I like to sleep in at the last possible minute. Which I am working on. Usually I hurry up get dressed run to the bathroom (deployed bathroom is a walk outside of my room) handle my business wash my face brush my teeth. Run back to my room and look for my amethyst and rose quartz (usually under my pillow) and a different gem I change every day but always rose quartz and amathyst will be on me, I shove them in my bra grab my weapon do a quick check to make sure I have a pen and paper, And flash light for work and everything else in my pockets, And walk to meet the rest of my team for a ride to the office. I have a better ritual though before I go to bed. Lol maybe I should change it. I write a lot before bed. cleanse  and meditate sooo..... Yeah!!! Not too magical there in the am. I am a procrastinator.

I wear my douser in my bra!
My mornings are my favorite time. I press snooze at least three times, have the three dogs join me for a family cuddle once my husband leaves, lay there thinking how lucky I am and send out thanks. Get up and feed my horse, cat and chickens and have a cup of tea. Or have a cup of tea and go riding or ride and walk the dogs, but always walk th dogs. Sometimes I may use angel or tarot cards but mostly I am pleased not to have to speak to a human. I am not a morning person!
While I lay giving thanks I usually plan the day for my horse and dogs, the boys go for two walks and she has to do something every day too! I can't do a thing without a cup of tea and chocolate biscuit first thing!

Sorry for the double post, can't see edit!
I have been chided many times on PS for charging my stones/crystals in my bra! Perfect place IMO. Hahahaha!

every morning I stand up I look outside what the weather is like. Than I go take a shower and do all the chores. than take something to eat and stretch out :p

I am in the  Cult of  Caffiene as well,   Then get my son ready for school and hubby goes off to work.  After they go I do a  lesser banshing and prayer for protection of my husband who , is a machanist truck driver.

For my son as well as me :) .  Most of the time I  drink cofee  untill I wake up pointless to go back tobed cuz I am already awake. Then , I go aobut my business. 

I do admire some of your rituals trully inspiring.

grounding / praying / meditation ... then more coffee


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