There has been some mortals seeking knowledge of the violet flame, so being my kind self, I sought it out for you. I shall be posting some links to the knowledge you seek, 'tis just to much to record within the post,I shall be here for an eternity if I shall do such a thing. The choice to read them or not,'tis your decision, not I.

'Tis a visualization technique,and a form of spiritual alchemy or transformation. The violet flame is used to transmute negative energy into positive energy and to burn up any attachments to substances, relationships or negative thought patterns.The violet flame also helps one gain courage and proceed into the unknown future with grace. Violet, which is associated with the crown chakra, is the highest vibration color in the chakra system. The crown chakra is our connection to the cosmic consciousness, and it is through the crown that we receive divine insight.


Beware of the many links within the knowledge you shall seek.


What is the Violet Flame? 

The Dispensation of the Violet Flame

Importance of the Violet Flame

Violet Flame Keys 

Violet Flame Degrees

All can use the Violet Flame

Violet Flame for Healing 

High frequency spiritual energy 

Increasing Joy 

Dispensation of the Violet Flame 

Healing with the Violet Flame 

Helping our bodies Heal 

Higher Dimensions Physics 

Skeptics experiments  

Nine Steps to put the VF into action 

Spiritual/physical Transformation 

Violet Flame Decrees 

Comfort of the Violet Flame 

The gift of the Violet Flame 

The Violet Flame for Forgiveness

Mercy and Forgiveness

The VF smooths relationships

Spiritual Alchemy 

Washing of the water by the Word

Helping free a planet

Solution to economic crisis

More Violet Flame decrees 

The greatness of the Violet Flame 


Love to read all mortal's thoughts.

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I shall hope those links assist you, to understand alchemy,one must have hermetic learning.Albeit I shall be putting forth topics of the Emerald Tablet, The Philosopher's Stone.

Okay thats interesting, something I didnt know. So basically ive had the philosopher's stone all along and didnt know it, its not a stone after all.

I do intend on changing physical substances around, though Gold isn't really on my mind.

The Philosopher's Stone isn't considered material; it's more to do with internal alchemy. I'm not a big fan of the term "the Violet Flame", but each to their own.
'Tis created by the alchemical method known as The Magnum Opus, When often expressed in colors, the work may pass through phases of nigredo, albedo, citrinitas, and rubedo. When expressed as a series of chemical processes we often find seven or twelve stages of the work concluding in multiplication, and projection.
ooh, never heard of it. it'll take me a while to get though all these links. thanks tierney.

Yes I use the Violet Flame frequently.


It can also transmute Karma, once and for all, which I did back in 2007 and am now permanently karma free. Though this is ultimately the intention it was designed for by the Higher Forces as one of the final tools of Ascension into masterhood... its also a bazooka for neutralizing most other kinds of negative energies.


Karma is an energy imprint that is recorded in our 8th Chakra, the one that sits a couple feet above the head. The 8th Chakra is the energy center of Immortality, which holds the record of our combined experiences in all of our previous lifetimes. It is virtually incorruptible, except for the energies of Karma, which tie us down to the physical plane like a weight.

All Higher Chakras and energy bodies are utterly incorruptible - The violet flame is a 9th dimensional/chakra energy, so it can affect anything below its resonance.

Question, if you are permanently karma-free, does that mean that you have transmuted all of your karma, or that you are no longer subject to accumulating karma through various acts? Or both? I'm curious about something like that and the idea or possibility of a shortcut being achieved so relatively simply.

Having done this... the way it works is, when you go to transmute karma using the flame you have to do it in an All At Once fashion. It has to be sent out in all directions of space, all directions of time, all places where you may have once been.

That means it will also catch any "future" karma you might create from that point on too, because the Violet Flame (an infinite supply) is sitting there waiting for it.

It doesn't necessarily give you carte blanche to do whatever you want without consequences because there are some other laws of this universe that will bring you feedback besides Karma - such as the Law Of Attraction (sleep with dogs and you will eventually get fleas). Your Inner Self will also create scenarios to remind you of your Life Lessons too.

Ultimately this is as simple as giving it a command... and it does seem simple for something that is so amazingly powerful. But there is an underlying aspect of Repentance and Acknowledging the role that Karma has before you can release it.


Karma is a Lower Order law as far as the cosmic hierarchy is concerned. It only exists in places of time density like our world, like the way our laws of physics operate. And the reason we As Souls subject ourselves to it is because its like a set of training wheels (or a safety net).

If you get "Lost" in your journey here in time/space density Karma returns to you what you are sending out. This way you cant do harm and dominate others for long before you start getting feedback from it. Likewise when you do good and constructive things you also get feedback from that too. Eventually the Soul starts learning from that.


If you Remove Karma from the equation it is up to your own Wisdom and capacity to Love that holds you up. You have neither Good karma nor Bad karma operating - its all about what you Choose to Receive.

The reason Karma is a safety net is because if you did start Falling in vibration again (like Sarumon from LOTR), This System wouldn't be there to stop you necessarily by giving you good knocks upside the head. If you somehow forgot the importance of good works, doing wholesome and constructive things would no longer give positive returns beyond the direct results of them. Because its all about what you Choose to Receive at that point.


I for one, simply choose to receive the Best that the Divine can offer, and things have only been getting better for me since. Everything negative so far has been a release of limitations, or healing old wounds... not paying the piper. I killed my piper.


On the other hand, and I Cannot Stress This Enough... whether you have Good karma or Bad karma it doesn't matter - they will Both keep you from reaching Ascension (godhood) and leaving behind the reincarnation cycle for bigger and better things. The energy of either one is the Same, just with opposing vectors.

The reason for that is because Karma itself is a lower vibrating energy in the cosmic hierarchy... and on top of that its giving your power away to external forces. If you give your control away to lesser evolved beings they will only misuse it, and misuse you.

Until you transmute all of it your Spiritual Vibration will be capped at the 7th Dimension Level, because the Karma acts on the 8th Chakra and Energy Body and will be like a glass cieling to any further developments. Since you need to be at least 12th Dimensional to ascend... there will be a whole nother set of challenges and life lessons waiting for you that wont even be unlocked Until you release your karmic attachments.

Whether the karma is Good or Bad its still a form of Corruption associated with physical living, and at some point you have to leave behind childish things like that to move on.

There's nothing "wrong" with not having known this before... but it is what it is.

Dia dhuit Sir Zack,Thee Laws of Karma,from my knowledge and learning of energies,a living thing only has Karmic energies within their Aura, when they believe in such,if the belief is not their, neither is thee energy,therefore the law of karma,me thinks shall not apply,albeit I guess depending on ones beliefs etc.Thee Aura is mainly cleansed,unless Karma is present.

Since you need to be at least 12th Dimensional to ascend


Have you "experienced" the 12th Dimension (Creator Consciousness), Zack?

Just me being curious, Sir Pavlor, did you happen to read my post to Sir Stonewolf within his discussion,I was so hoping to assist with your battle of intelligence,alas he missed my point of me sarcastic observations,I am so trying me hardest not to be mixing with me brogue,when I type. I have belief that he might be considering using VF on those poor inflicted people, that is if they are inflicted,and not just playing games with his wee head.

your battle of intelligence


*lol* No battle on my side. This is why he effectively "banned" me and my atheistic Dæmonolator ways from that thread; fat good that did ;)


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