There has been some mortals seeking knowledge of the violet flame, so being my kind self, I sought it out for you. I shall be posting some links to the knowledge you seek, 'tis just to much to record within the post,I shall be here for an eternity if I shall do such a thing. The choice to read them or not,'tis your decision, not I.

'Tis a visualization technique,and a form of spiritual alchemy or transformation. The violet flame is used to transmute negative energy into positive energy and to burn up any attachments to substances, relationships or negative thought patterns.The violet flame also helps one gain courage and proceed into the unknown future with grace. Violet, which is associated with the crown chakra, is the highest vibration color in the chakra system. The crown chakra is our connection to the cosmic consciousness, and it is through the crown that we receive divine insight.


Beware of the many links within the knowledge you shall seek.


What is the Violet Flame? 

The Dispensation of the Violet Flame

Importance of the Violet Flame

Violet Flame Keys 

Violet Flame Degrees

All can use the Violet Flame

Violet Flame for Healing 

High frequency spiritual energy 

Increasing Joy 

Dispensation of the Violet Flame 

Healing with the Violet Flame 

Helping our bodies Heal 

Higher Dimensions Physics 

Skeptics experiments  

Nine Steps to put the VF into action 

Spiritual/physical Transformation 

Violet Flame Decrees 

Comfort of the Violet Flame 

The gift of the Violet Flame 

The Violet Flame for Forgiveness

Mercy and Forgiveness

The VF smooths relationships

Spiritual Alchemy 

Washing of the water by the Word

Helping free a planet

Solution to economic crisis

More Violet Flame decrees 

The greatness of the Violet Flame 


Love to read all mortal's thoughts.

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Thank you Pav, thats what i thought. I had the gist of it, but wasnt sure i was interpreting it correctly.

Sir Stonewolf,if this shant be about me discussion,you shall honor me with respect and take this discord elsewhere, there has been enough discord on me walls. 


Milady Sat, many thanks to you,for such humble a speech.If you shall ever need assistance I am more than happy to assist.'Tis always nice to be appreciated and respected. 


Milady Enigma, you are also a vary great friend to me,shall be many years to come,kith and kin. Many thanks. 


Sir Pavlor, I hail from Westmeath,I shall hope you will bestow a grande visit to me Ireland in the near future,'tis vary beautiful to behold.Are you welsh yourself? You translation was vary close. 


I have been practicing me type,I shall hope 'tis was easier to read this time.Many apologies for such discord.

if this shant be about me discussion,you shall honor me with respect and take this discord elsewhere, there has been enough discord on me walls.


I can respect that, and I agree. Let's just keep the same rules for everyone.

let's bring up some more stuff from threads that are not the current one. You still have no answer or better explanation for the perpetrator's own confession as to what I said I had observed in her host. That's what banning you was about, you were just wasting your time and mine, and you are wasting it here. All your "philosophy" is great, but some of it doesn't hold up in the real world.
Aye, I had speech with Sir Pavlor about me concerns within your discussion, about your thoughts,albeit I have express me concern directly to you,'tis not a secret. I was vary forward about such.Albeit you  shall not dictate me rules with me discussion, I do as I please,no man governs me,nor tells me what I may and may not converse with or whom. I directed it to you cause Sir Pavlor was not trying to cause discord on me wall.I advice you to read my discussion about the ghost story,I shall hope it shall give you some insight on possession and such.
that's fine, and thanks for the story.

That's what banning you was about, you were just wasting your time and mine, and you are wasting it here. All your "philosophy" is great, but some of it doesn't hold up in the real world.


Please visit *The Exorcism Thread* if you want to learn about possession and exorcism, Stonewolf.

Isn't he a wee bit of a snarly pup,I have great love for your philosophy,Pavlor.You have not wasted my time at all.


Aye, I have been practicing some,maybe I should address things in Gaelic to you so others will not read my thoughts on my wall,I can do Latin too,if you prefer. ;)

Not yet, but I am 9th Dimensional at this point and I know what is involved for the most part.

The only thing that holds me back for the most part are Life Experiences that I can only achieve in the New Earth Energy, because in the Old Energy there would be no place for me (I would be invisible, an outcast, betrayed at every turn). And some of those things will take a very long time to work through... like being truly loved and appreciated by others - things like that dont happen overnight.


I know that in most cases as soon as someone breaches the 7D threshold (which took Hundreds of lifetimes to work up to) they usually also complete the last 5 levels in either a Single lifetime or within a few lifetimes after that (depending on what experiences they need, and how they wish to fulfill the lessons that remain).

Its because, like I said, the Karma disappears and at that point everything is about the removal and release of limitations, and embodying the Higher aspects. Its almost like a second "race" starts and instead of a marathon its a 100 yard dash.

As for Life Experiences most of those are lived out to satisfy the soul when they are at a lower vibration so it doesn't interfere with the upward ascension process. Then again some of them can only be experienced at a higher level.


It doesn't mean a person's last lifetime is necessarily a peaceful one. King Leonidas took his ascension when he died, becoming the ascended master Serapis Bey. Lifetimes like those are about some crux of following your Personal Truth even if it's going to cost you, or it wont even change the overall outcome.

But usually it is an obscure lifetime, peaceful for the most part, where a person just takes what they need from life and moves on.

Hi Zack,


What school of thought does this info come from? Just curious =)

thanks, it's nice to see discussion about the violet flame. I'm reminded of my goddess, Gaga (pictured in my profile in violet/lavender, of course) and of weed, wich produces THC in proportion to the ultra-violet light it absorbs. Both of these are (the same) more literal, poetic example of "flaming violet", and I think they are appropriate to the discussion. I'm curious about the links and what people find interesting in them.

Aww thats such a cute doggie, I know its not real but its still so cute.

If the Violet Flame has been on your mind alot then that means its Ready for you to use it, your Spirit is nudging you when something keeps popping up like that. :D


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