A friend of mine, gypsywisdom, is dealing with an emotionally straining situation. Her baby was abused by someone she thought she could trust. The link to the article is here:


Please share your support by leaving a comment or sending her positive energy...or doing whatever it is you do. It would be much appreciated.

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I am so sorry for all this you are enduring right now...please know you and your child are in my prayers and will continue to be so until this situation is resolved.

Unfortunately I have no advice to give you only that remember the Goddess works in mysterious ways and She does look out for Her own. Blessed Be.
oh my! i'll light a candle for them tonight my heart aches when i hear anything like this it's so upsetting. I kno ho i would feel if it was my son, i'm sure we've had a discussion like this before and as i said then i would kill them! end of!
Thank you for all your support and please keep it coming, I have a rough road ahead of me in trying to get my case resolved and my babies back home where they belong, Blessed Be...


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