I'm looking for some advice on helping my snake eat.  I've had him about a year and he's eaten 2-4 mice a month since i got him, but he hasn't ate at all the last month.  He's always been fed live mice and taken them well.  I've tried increasing the heat in his cage slightly and it doesn't help any.  He hasn't shed for about 2 months but his eyes are perfectly black and there's no sign of him shedding anytime soon.  When I feed him I take him out of his 55 gallon tank and put him into a 10 gallon that he fits into fine.


Anyone with any advice would be appreciated.   

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It may be that your python has outgrown the prey you offer. Have you tried a gerbil or rat?

Ball pythons can be pretty finicky eaters... Here's a useful blog for you to read.



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