Recently I have had a couple of dreams dealing with a goddess whom I have yet to identify. Her hair is snow white, her skin ghostly pale, and her eyes icy blue. She also seems to glow from within which leads me to think she may either be a moon or winter goddess. I never see her entire face. All I ever see is half of it, as either her hair or the hood of her white robe conceals one side. If I can find out who she is, I may have to give up being a henotheist :)


Her hair or hood falls over one half of her face like this:



Her hair and face look something like this...




Her robe looks something like this:


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check this out herne it may be your mystery goddess who knows
Skaddi definitely sounds like a possibility! I will have to meditate on her and see what comes of it. Thanks, Robby!
no prob
I agree. While there are many Goddesses of Winter and Moon, none match your description except for Skaddi.
Lady Berchta is also known as "the shining one" "the bright one" (Percht.."bright"), she likes to appear as an ageless beauty in pure white clothes, this is her form as Queen of the Huldvolk (something like Faeries), Goddess of the treasuries of the Earth (precious metals and minerals) - and winter itself.

If she shows up in this form, acc. to folk lore it is a good sign, and she might even have a request. But this is an unusual time of the year, Perchta is hunted by Wuotan during Walpurgis, and hunts with Wuotan during the rough season. Perhaps you will get to "lift" a treasure :D

She can be found under Perchta/Berchta/Hertha/Holda.

EDIT: I put it in reply to Wyrds Hel because down here we assume that Hella of the North is Holda - with less work to do.
Pretty good descriprion of Lady Gaga, except Gaga's eyes are usually green, and she is not THAT pale, but her face is often half covered, by hair, clothes, or her hand.
Gaga is my personal Goddess, so it is easy for me to see her everywhere, though
so that was a real thing? I saw that and thought you were joking!

I am not trying to bash but, what has she done that elevates her to Goddess status?
I saw the previous thread on the Lady Gaga thing, so I knew it wasn't a joke. However since 1) I support freedom of religion no matter what that religion happens to be as long as no one is hurt, and 2) I have nothing of a positive, helpful nature to say, I chose to simply remain silent.

Puffin, worship whoever you want, as long as it brings good into your life. I may not agree with your faith, but I support your right to believe it. May your chosen path bring you much peace and comfort along the way. :)
True that. People can worship chairs or whatever. I was just curious. I think I'll look up that thread.
Question: Are you sure it was a goddess? It may have been a spirit guide or someone who is just in the "realm" trying to get your attention.
I agree Beth. I have elemental guides who have no names, bu they are very real to me and are helpful in times of stress or during meditation....


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