Mythology ~ Writen By Sara Peterson ( MystikBroom)

Mythology ~ Writen By Sara Peterson ( MystikBroom)

When people ask me, "What God's do Pagans follow?", I simply
reply "Did you ever study the Ancient God's and Goddesses of
Egypt,Rome, Norse,Celtic in school?" Well those are just a drop in
the bucket of places and there Gods and Goddesses from around the
There are Numberless of paths & traditions centered around the
world that Pagans place their Spiritual Being to improve themselves
and mostly better their spiritual life.
But where do we as Pagans Draw the Line of what is "truly"Pagan?
Can we judge or would be judged to say that we as Pagans are just
Mythologist? I feel time spent studying mythology is time well spent.
Arthur Cotterell,in his preface to"The Encyclopedia of Mythology"
points out how mythology deals with fundamental human issues:
* The Power of love;its attendant anxiety and jealousy;
* The conflict between the generations, between old and new;
* The violence of men;
* The mystery of death;
* The mischief of troublemakers;
* The sadness of illness and accidental injury;
* The possibility of a afterlife or reincarnation;
* The effects of enchantment on mind and body;
* The challengeof the unknown;
* The sadness of betrayal and treachery;
* The Cycle of fertility in humans,plants,and animals
Where do we look into our own Pagan Paths and Traditions and accept
open heart-a-ly those whom have made complete magical systems from
books/stories/legends/lores/MYTHS with no HISTORIC of truth but it
works and has been working for over eight hundred years.
Example: The King Arthur Legend/lores told by storytellers from one
person to the next, then it was written and became a book.Than became
a magical Path/Tradition in Paganism Called " The Arthurians" they
have Tarot,Gods/Goddesses, Mythical places where those whom have pass
on go,Sabbats, rituals.
So I ask myself do we laugh and critasize those whom are young and
up coming Pagans whom may create a Pagan Magical system in a path or
tradition that centers around Star Wars, Lord of the rings, Harry

I hope we do not because I personally would love to see a Pagan
School pop out into reality like Hogwart's for our Pagan school age
children and Adults a magical College in the future we would all
benifit as Pagans.

Hi! am Sara ( MystikBroom) and I am a Pagan Mythologist.(giggle)

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I read this post in hearth_n_hedge yahoo group months ago. All I have to say is it made lots of sense to me and gave me more to think about reading it again.

Hi I am Shay and I am a Pagan Mythologist. also lol


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