And to whoever reads this: nice to meet you!

I'm a 27yo enby from Georgia and I'm relatively new to Paganism. Unsurprisingly, I was raised in a Southern Baptist household; my best friend from 12yo is also a Christian, so I just ended up sticking to that faith and growing with it. More recently, another of my childhood friendships was rekindled, and I dove even deeper into my Christian spiritual journey with her.

If I was to pick out a few examples of what I believe to be clear divine intervention in my life, the destruction of that friendship would definitely make the list.

I can pinpoint that event as a significant turning point in my spiritual journey. For too long, I was bitter at my ex-friend for the way she treated me and lied to me, but I've since gained a much better understanding of what a blessing in disguise it was to lose her. 

It was around the same time I met a new friend, who would quickly become one of my closest friends. She was a practicing Wiccan, and at first this made me a little uncomfortable. The Christian in me wanted to "open her eyes" to the light of God...but in time, she opened mine.

My first few dips into alternate spirituality were, to put it lightly, terrifying. Unfortunately, I had been brainwashed into a lot of bigotry and deep-rooted fear. My vision of God's identity had always been set in biblical beliefs, and it took me quite a while to feel safe exploring new paths and worshiping in different ways. Occasionally, I still struggle with that fear... Old habits die hard.

The first new path I found myself on was Wicca, inspired by my friend ofc. What a treasure trove of beauty!! I started spending a lot more time with nature and working to forget what I thought I knew about the identity and nature of God. I started celebrating the Wheel of the Year (my first Sabbat was actually Samhain of last year, which couldn't have been more perfect — Halloween has always been my favorite holiday despite my Christian background). But most importantly, I started to open my heart.

Since then I've become a Seeker of Truth, with an understanding that there is no single human-written document that has all the answers. There will never be, because Truth is inherently diverse, and found in everything. Truth is alive in every part of creation, in every one of us, and we are all different. 

I'm a practitioner of several beliefs now, and still seeking! Whenever I find a piece of Truth that resonates with me and keeps me feeling connected, I welcome it into my life — regardless of where it comes from. 

Hinduism definitely makes up the most of my spiritual practice (I was a yogi before I met my Wiccan friend, and in hindsight, I can pick out so many times the Universe has given me a foreshadowing of my Hindu path). I still practice Wicca, and I've also been exploring Taoism, and Native American spirituality. Also, while I no longer actively practice religious Christianity, I still see Truth in the teachings of Jesus. 

I look forward to meeting those of you would like to say hello! I'm excited to be here and I can't wait to see what this community brings to my spiritual journey.

Love & Light,
Shalomshanti ॐ☯☽

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Welcome Amber, it is very nice to have you here.

Thank you!

Jai shree ram! I identify as Wiccan but I also practice devotions to devas. My cosmology of the world is Hindu which isn't far from Wicca. Kali ma is my favorite devi.

Right?? I notice more and more similarities the more I learn about Hinduism and Wicca! So lovely, and totally works for me, haha. Kali Ma is one of my favorites too!

Ram Ram 

Welcome Amber, hope you find the site useful.

Thank you!

Thank you! Is there a majority type here?

Hello I'm new. 

I feel drawn to Hindu beliefs and practices too but have much to learn.


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