Heya! So it's been a while, because life was pretty fast paced for a bit. But I am back... With yet another question!

Does anyone have a ritual for blessing a Lilith Necklace?

I am getting a new necklace, and because I am dedicating myself fully to Lilith, I need to bless it in her name. Every piece of religious jewelry I have owned since I became pagan, has been ritualistically blessed, And I am not stopping now!

Even a blessing format would be nice to where I can modify it to be dedicated to Lilith
(I dont have my old Book of Shadows sadly, so I feel I am starting from scratch.)

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Here is a prayer that sounds like a blessing:





I invoke you, I adore you, I desire you


Goddess of darkness, illuminate my temple in black light


Kindle in me the excitement of the flesh under the domain of the mind.


Great Mother, sister, lover, give me the cup of Knowledge


Unleash your legions against my enemies


Lady, initiate me in the mysterious magic under the wing of your black cloak.


Consume me in your embrace, in the swirling starry Horizon.


You could , of course say this while holding the necklace ,

then perhaps say something similar to this :

Lilith , Dark One And Protector Of Your Daughter

I Ask For Your Blessing On This Necklace Dedicated

To You , I Ask You See And Know When I Wear It

I Am Thinking Of You , Your Beauty , Your Power ,

Your Strength , I Ask You To Grant Me All You Know

I Need To Become All I Am Creating Myself To Be ;

With My Moon Blood I Bless This Necklace In Your Name ,

And Ask For Your Blessing In Return And Your Protection !

Altar : Black And Red Candles , Offering Bowl With Meat ,

Turkish Rose / Black Opium / Dragons Blood Incense ,

Image Of Woman In Her Power , Statue , Red And Black

Altar Cloths Over Altar ( just simple suggestions )

Love that

Mm. Lillith.

Not a very helpful response, I know. It was the first thing that came to mind.

It think in all honesty, poems are lovely and indeed the ones below are...
However, a blessing is only worth it's salt if it is personal to you.
So, the simple words, "I bless this necklace in the name of my Lady Lilith" is just as good as any poem created by someone else, which they have written not you.
I know it will make you think, but that is the point, if it makes you think, then it is much more worth your time to create something yourself.

I have several poems dedicated to her, she likes the nitty gritty though. Be raw about your intentions, add some of your own fluid to it, whether saliva or moon blood or something else. Dark moons are best for her.

May she inspire and fortify you.

Do you have an altar to her?  

If so, just purify the necklace, dedicate it to her, and leave it on the altar for a while for her to charge it.

You don't really need to get any more fancy than that unless you want to.


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