My great-grandfather January 5th of this year on his birthday was released from the hospital after having a few complications. Not even that very same day he ended up seizing at least 5-6 times (from what my mother explained to us). Two days later he was officially released from the hospital and nothing else has happened since. My parents starting telling us how they began to see something in my great-grandfather's kitchen early in the morning. The weirdest part is my mother started talking to what she thought was my dad when it was the spirit that had been walking around.

The doctors my great-grandfather had stopped all of his treatments and considered him in the phase of passing away. Even my 10 month old dachshund Ginger has even seen this spirit and has been acting alert since these appearances have happened. 

I have a feeling it could be my great-grandfather's spirit walking around maybe even experiencing the spirit realm. He is still alive but is slowly dying from two types of cancer. My parents think that it could be my great-grandmother, but we never experienced anything paranormal when she died. 

The question I have is can a person who is living, but is dying have the capability to let their own spirit walk the earthly realm? If this is my great-grandfather's spirit already walking around does this mean that he could pass away within the next few months???

Thank you for reading this discussion I started. I should have asked this a few weeks ago, but haven't really got around to it until now. Any answers or questions are welcome. :)

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Hon, which city do you live in? I'm an investigator and would like to help you if you're not more than just a few hours away from Louisville, KY. Let me know. 

Hi Michelle,

I am sorry to tell you but Monday they put my great-grandfather in hospice. They say he could go any day now. He has a fever but his blood pressure is good. He has phlegm in his lungs that they are wanting him to cough up so he can breath. Gosh just the noises I heard today were...terrible. Sounded like a growling dragon. He sounds like he is in pain. 

OF Course they can......they walk between the realms of here and their ancestors because the veil is thin., My 90 year olde Mom connected with her brothers,father many timers before she passed. many conversations were had and we'd "hear" it in the eves.......My belief in my path of Scottish Witchery,is they ancestors "help" those over. It is a continuous circle,life/death....never ending,just our Celtic knot

As people are in the process of letting go of this physical existence, they experience many things. Not everyone experiences things in exactly the same way, but there are similarities. When my father in-law was dying, he saw many people around him and had quite a lot of conversations with them. We quietly watched. He was quite an intelligent and lucid real dis-eases. He was just feeling old and done with his time here so he decided to go. He spent many months getting progressively less involved with daily things. I think he stayed with us to be sure we were all OK. Once he saw that, he decided to go. He died at home, peacefully. Here are 2 pages from that may help you understand more:

Just be sure to help him do what he wants to do. Listen to your heart in the stillness.

Many blessings...:)

Hi Michelle,

My great-grandfather would be talking to someone when I would be at his house until my dad would come back from town. He would even be asking if we had seen that little child, or man and we would not know who he was referring too. After my parents started talking about seeing something at night in the kitchen I knew he was talking to individuals I could not see. They are probably with him in the room at the hospice house. 

Sounds exactly what we experienced with my father in-law. I would say they are 'certainly' at the hospice with, not 'probably'...:) Just let him know he's loved...that's what he'll take with him.


Yesterday I and my mother both told him we loved him. Last night he passed away and we have to get the funeral arrangements ready. Both of my sisters experienced something last night before we found out. I was knocked out in a deep sleep and I never experienced anything. My mother explained also that she had seen something happen last night before he passed. She was telling my sister but I couldn't really hear what she was explaining.

I am sorry for your loss. You can find comfort knowing he has been freed from suffering and has your love with him. May you and your family keep your heart open for communication and stay centered over this emotional time.




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