I'm watching gangland(history channel) and it it's showing Neo Nazis-pure white trash. To me this behaviour is just screaming I have a tiny penis and I'm insecure about it.

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Not necessarily, I think each 'Minority' page, gives a brief summary of each minority group's customs, language, and political history. I think the identifier, to make them 'minority' is their migration to China. It seems like a common trait on each minority group page. Even if the migration occurred thousands of years ago, they are not 'Chinese' technically.

On further inspection, yes, it does seem to be, although there is the Zhuang minority that seemed to just be subsumed under the Chinese flag 2000 years ago, most likely like Tibet...
On my last night there, I ended up in a brothel *lol*

Now those are the pics I wanna see! ;)
I know *lol*
Well for one let me you tell you something the original Nazis would laugh at these guys. Not that I am agreeing with them but I am just saying. Anyway I really do not feel that a good portion of gang activity is solely induced through insecurity. As someone has already stated a lot of these people join gangs for a sense of belonging, family, friends, any number of those sets of reasons. Sometimes a person is conned into it and I dare someone to say, "Well how stupid do you have to be to get conned into that?"

Cirumstances also cloud the judgment of people and make them do this. Whether it was how they are raised or the influences of their peers. No one is perfect and one could only hope that people in these groups learn to break out of this nasty cycle.
amen brother!
Damn this thread has gotten big!
Nazism in any form catches people attention...
Apparently. I thought my "evil god" post i recently put up(after this one) would have gotten more hits. I didn't expect this one to get so popular.
I am missing a word in front of your "people".
In case no one has read a history book recent the mental make up of these assholes was the rule in all civilizations for thousands of years ...anyone not in your group, tribe.empire etc was not a person
people suck they treat each other like shit ...they gather together in groups to treat each other like shit and the behavior gets passed down
I have though not for awhile admittedly, and I defy you to show that the psychology is any different ...people are pack animals it is in their nature to form groups

It is the nature of these groups to become self justifying, violent, xenophobic and to use all the classic security delimas to justify their stupidity and keep their members enraged enough not to notice what crazy idiots they are
or maybe they just have small johnsons like you said


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