My name is Xaress, and as the title says I am new to Paganism. I have been an Agnostic for many many years, knowing that there is a higher power and never finding stability with my body and soul.

I quit my job a few weeks back because of personal issues and felt like I was in a rut. So, I started to research about religions, trying to center myself emotionally and finally connect with myself. Then I remembered that my friend is a Druid, so I started looking into Paganism. It's so fascinating, and my heart is slowly feeling at ease every time I read about it.

I don't know what path I will go down, but right now I just want to reach out to other people and learn more.

**Edit: Also, the night I found out about Paganism, I stayed up until 5am. Finding out that Lammas was that day, and when I was watching a show called Brain Games, they were talking about religion. Call me crazy, but I thought it was something to point out. ^^;

Thank you for your time. :)

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Thank you!

The mere fact you find peace when you start learning about paganism is a good sign and a positive one about the direction you should take.  Many of us felt the same way.  Welcome.

Thank you for the kind words. :)

Nobody converts to pagan, they just find out there is a name for what they believe.

I like this

They do if they gave up one religion for a pagan religion.

Who ties your shoes for you?

Welcome to the site and Paganism

Hello,Xaress and all out there Blessed be! I'm new to paganism myself. Ive been a Christian my whole life. Then I started seeing the world in a new way.I cant explain what I see but I know its more than just Christian. As you I don't know what path I will take but I'm looking as much as I can.I find myself here at a suggestion by a friend. I come to find andswers or suggestiong to some of the things I see and experience. if anyone would like to chat hit me up. I have a lot of questions and need support in what I'm doing so say hey

Go to a place where the ground beneath your feet is untouched/leveled/graded/asphaulted/concreted by the hand and tools of mankind. As a female (if your profile pic is you) do this on a full moon night. Otherwise, (if you are male) do this on a no moon night.

take your shoes and socks off and allow your bare feet to touch Gaeia, (the earth) on your gendered night. Try to ensure that its not raining/snowing/whatever bad weather may be in the area on this night.

Close your eyes and point your head towards the sky. {no quarters, no protection, no spell casting, and be away from other people for just this few minutes, approx. 3}

if polytheism (paganism/wicca/celtic/ all the other facets to this spirituality) is for you, you will feel it in your feet.

Welcome Xaress. I'm new as well and it feels great to shrug off an a forced outside influence and follow your you instincts, doesn't it? Have fun finding your own path.

Welcome and Merry Meet!

Welcome to our world!!!


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