I'm interested in finding out more about orbs. I have been finding them in photos recently. I would love to hear your stories or see your photos. I can post some as well.

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How you're going over my head. I have not read much about them, just experienced a few.

lol. It's just something I heard, I don't know much about it ;)

Anyone else hear of this? (and if so do you know which means what?)

I was also told that if you see one, check your emotion level. The feeling you recieve is to do a bit with if it's good/bad/neutral.

Took these a half hour ago. It's damp out there but it wasn't raining at the time. Could just be moisture in the air. I lightened them up a bit.

If they were there before and still there then you have something. Do you have a different camera to double check the moisture question?

I do but it's not a very good one and it doesn't have a flash so I can't take pics at night. I'll have to get someone to bring their camera over one night. On the full moon it was a clear night and the first pic (which I posted earlier) I took was full of these things but the other ones taken seconds later had nothing. This time they were in every pic, but each one had less than the last.

I have no doubt they are real...it's for other people that you'd have a second try. Can you actually see these or just on the picture?  Some people can see them.

I kind of think they are real too. I can't see them, though, just in the pics. I know some people can see them. I think it might drive me crazy if I could see them all the time, lol.

If they are not dust particles, they could be spirits round you. It may past over loved ones, or your guides.


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