Does anyone know of any Pagan Lawyers? I'm looking for one for Missouri and Illinois, any names and contact info would be great. Thanks.


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Please don't let the attorney's being pagan be your main criterion!


I know (from sad expensive personal experience!) that one can hire a....(desperately grasping for a somewhat diplomatic word or phrase here).....  well just DO NOT look on witchvox!!!!!


Call the Bar Association or look in magazines.At least you are not in need of a specialty that is mostly just found in certain states...(I needed entertainment law..)  not every one with a law school diploma will do more than just bleed you in billable hours AND those 5 thousand dollar retainers don't last long then it's 250 an hour......

what a silly thing to ask. Lawyers are amoral businessmen by nature. They couldn't care less about your religion or any religion, they just want to win the case and win that money. They don't care about you, or anyone they stepped on since getting their afternoon coffee. This is why we hire lawyers, to do our dirty work for us, when it is necessary, because they are so good at it. Why are they good at it? Why are strippers good at what they do? They serve a purpose that everybody needs at some point. Emotions, morals, and ethics are of little to no value, and that's why they work so well in their respective roles.

Bad idea getting a lawyer based on creed! It's like getting an accountant based on his grasp of the French language - it means SFA to his grasp of accountacy!


A friend of mine is asking for a Pagan Lawyer because hers just dumped her when he found out that she was Pagan so yes some do mind and take religion into account. And of course them being Pagan wouldn't be the only thing but its a good place to start for her.
jeez! Seems like one of those one in a million cases or something! Honestly I never would have expected something like that, especially not from a lawyer.

I thought the same thing and then I realized that I hadn't heard back from mine since I asked him a question about starting a Non-Profit organization for building a Pagan organization. I emailed him and still no response so he is either busy or is no longer going to be our lawyer. Either way not all of them are as cut throat as originally thought.

ah, maybe he was off put by the mention of a non-profit organization, lol!

I wouldn't pick a lawyer *soley* on paganism or not, but it would be something that I would ask, if they either are or if they care.


Around here we have a few companies that boast about how they are a "Christian owned company". It shouldn't matter but sometimes it does. I find this depends on area, really. I'm in the south, I see stuff like that more than someone from up north probably. But who knows.


Anyways, I would interview lawyers, make up a list of questions that are important and see how they answer it.


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