Pagan Metal! Yes, I decided to have discussion on a couple of my favorite things put together, that should make a great topic. Bands under this label tend to be musically diverse. What creates the sub-genre has more to do with lyrical content rather than their music.

Though, Metal bands (Led Zeppelin & Manowar) have used Pagan themes from its inception, the first band to proclaim themselves as Pagan Metal was In The Woods... They came out of the Norwegian Black Metal scene.

Bathory & Skyclad are also credited for creating Pagan Metal. This brings up two other sub-genres being Viking Metal (Bathory's 5th album) & Folk Metal (Skyclad). These two sub-genres seem make up the bulk of what is known as Pagan Metal. Viking Metal like the rest of Pagan Metal is again musically diverse & the lyrics are more about Nordic mythology & history. Whereas, Folk Metal is more distinctive musically in that it combines regional folk music of where these band originate & Metal. Folk Metal is lyrically more diverse & it would be fair to say not all Folk Metal bands are Pagan Metal.

In any case, I will be posting videos of bands/ songs that I feel are both Pagan & Metal. I ask you my fellow Pagans to do the same. For those of you, who do not like Metal, feel free to not listen. For those of you that would like to post a song, however, you do not feel it is Pagan or Metal, I ask that you post it here instead:

What song do you have on your mind right now?

Also, for Metal in general, go to:

Mostly Metal

And for Pagan music in general, got:

Witch music or anything related to it. All Paganism too.

Thanks & enjoy.

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Before sliced bread. That's Bigtime There, Ay.

I love Eluveite but I get a sense they are more alittle bit symphonic metal sort of and Enisferium Victory song I love too but that's great when you have jerk off neighbors downstairs lol and play over my sound system ha ha ha lmao!!!! It's been so long since I posted on I wonder if people remember me lol here's a pic of me. love you pagan peeps x

I use ear buds. Play it like I want.


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