Hello, I am Draconian Ka Easabuv and I have not been on PaganSpace.net for some time now due to having to deal with major issues concerning certain Pagans within the Pagan Community. Wow, that was really hard to mention because I really do not understand WHY a PAGAN could or would create problems for other Pagans?!?!??? I see no point in creating lies and issues for other. I see no point in working with others that would do the same. I wonder...is there any other Pagan Groups out there that have this issue? If so, how do or did you and your Group deal with this seemingly growing issue? Correct me if I am wrong...but I do not include liers, people who condone lies, people that coned trouble makers of any knd as Pagan...at least not True Pagans. Is there anyone out there that has or is dealing with these issues?

Bright Blessings.
Blessed Be & Live Free,

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My dear friend, do not put too much stock in human beings; you will find yourself sorely disappointed.

Pagans, just like anyone else, are human. Thus, they are bound to falter, and thus there are bound to be a few bad seeds. My suggestion? Ignore them, cut them off, do not deal with them. For even speaking with them will fuel their fire more.

As a former semi-troll, I can assure you that these people get a kick out of dissension. A sort of "misery loves company" complex to where if they aren't happy, no one should be.

Hope this was helpful, and best of luck, my friend.
Every non abrahamic faith is pagan whether you like it or not we dont get to decide who is and isnt pagan based on our preferences.
I like the way you put things. <_br />
It has a certain dramatic flare to it.
We cannot control the evil tongues of others; but a good life enables us to disregard them. - Cato.
Also, a small addendum to my previous posts:
Do as the Chaotes do and banish with laughter. Laugh at this person, laugh at your ludicrous situation, and laugh at them trying to mess you up.

Not only will this empower you, it will also help to eliminate any negativity you may be feeling.
Non fluffly route here. Give them a chicken tongue. I find this to have wonderful benefits for me as well as them. Especialy, when accompanied by a chicken foot fetish. It is a small whammy. If that doesn't fix it, give them a big whammy. No freezer jars. No setting a picture in honey or any of that playground crap.

Coven is sacred. To go against coven is a crime against self and goddess. It needs to be delt with swiftly.

We do not allow new members unless they have been active with us for a year. We have people that come and go. Most don't stay for very long. Few have the heart to hang. But, when allowed entrance we're tight. They become coven, family.
I can understand what you all are saying. I guess my real issue is that with all of these problems, we have lost a few Group Members...and this has been painful. I have always excepted that I am a Pagan...and this fact allows for me to be very Proud of that. My Wife HighPriesress MoonWraith and I have always done our BEST to live our lives as Pagan. THIS MEANS THAT WE TREAT PEOPLE WITH DIGNITY, HONESTY, AS FAMILY AND WITH RESPECT AS HUMAN BEINGS. The only expectaions that I have of other Pagans are the expectioans that I have for myself. Some may say that I should NOT have expectaions for ANYONE, but myself, however, I am a Group Leader and Co-Founder of Phazes of the Moon and the Silver Spiral Grove. It is apart of my duties to reflect this positive behavior. When other people have issues, we have their backs, when people are in need, we help as much as we can. (sometimes it is very little...but any help has to help). For any person to call themselve's....Pagan, I have high expectaions for. It should be an honor to for people to claime such a thing.
Blessed Be & Live Free!


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