due to my hubby leaving his job (the boss was making his life a living hell)
we knew something like this would happen but hoped for a little more time so he could get a job lined up but things just got worst.
looks like he will have to go for Constructive dismissal against his boss (now ex boss) if he dont get something this week.
(Constructive dismissal happens when an employee is forced to quit their job against their will because of their employer's conduct)

so im asking for some positive energy and blessing (im pretty drained with having to protect him)

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thank you
thank you
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Many bright blessings to you!
Gee, do I understand what your going through! Sending healing, uplifting energies of prosperity your way!
thank you
i just want to thank you all your kind support has made me cry (in a good way) its nice to know so many of you care!
Positive energies and brightest blessings in your difficult times!

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positive energy Pictures, Images and Photos


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