Sorry guys! For some strange reason, I just feel the need to let the Horned One know what He means to me tonight!


Great One! Ancient One! How I long to see Your face!

I have felt You, watching me when I thought no one was looking

Known that You were with me when I thought I was alone.


You are all I wish that I could be.

You strengthen the weak

Bolster the afraid

Love the unlovable

Heal the unhealable

Touch the untouchable.


In my darkness, You brought me light

In my fear, You brought me courage.

In my despair, You brought me hope.

When I longed for death, You brought me life.


Who but You knows what it is to be hunted

    by those You love?

Who but You knows what it is to shed Your blood

    to give life?

Who but You knows the secrets

    of the unhewn dolmen?

Who but You can dance

    when there is no music?

Who but You can sing

    when there is no tune?


In my despair, I sought You,

    And You were there.

In my darkness,

    You brought me light.

In my need, I called out to You

    And You gave all I needed.

         And so much more.


I will sing to You, Great Lord, when there is no music.

I will dance when there is no tune.


And when I long for death,

I will look to You

     for life.


Praise Cernunnos! Lord of Life and Death and all that lies beyond!

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Hmmm. No one has commented on this. Is it that bad? Or am I just being a paranoid drunk? ;) Remind me never to wax philosophical when I've been drinking! ;D
I liked it Herne, don't give up drunken philosophizing, some of the best thinking that I ever do I do three sheets to the wind :)
I do not feel compelled to give details, but I think I did the Horned One proud tonight.

and there is always music.

Hope you love this as much as we do.

You writing is magnificent. Keep up the good work.
Thanks for sharing this, Minstrel! I do love this song! For me it is practically a hymn! And thanks for the compliment! I was almost afraid to read this this morning! :D I remembered that I had written somethinglast night when I was drunk but not what...
it is a hymn in my household
If you write this well when tipsy, you must be an awesome man;) Praise Cernunnos!!!
Oh indeed I am! Totally awesome! :D And full of s**t too LOL
I don't mind a bit :) Just give me credit if you would please
All the glory goes to Cerunnous! He has blessed me unbelievably! /|\
Thanks, Erica :)


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