Hello all and Merry meet. I am asking a huge favor from the Pagan community. My boyfriend's mom, who's one of the sweetest women on the planet, found out about a month or so ago that the cancer she had when She was younger is back. She has to go through chemo this time. I am doing what I can but I want to ask that you all out there keep her in your prayers and maybe do a healing ritual for her. Her name is Marie and she is from St. Louis. Thanks so much everyone and blessed be.

 Jen )O(

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Consider it done!

Very sorry Jen.We can do a virtual healing energy spell for her on my group FEISTY WITCHES,if you wish......

That would be cool :) I have never done a virtual spell before :)

My pleasure.we set a time and do it......keep us updated! HUGS!!

Okiedoke, I will! Keep me posted too :)

Thanks so much everyone!

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Prayers and good wishes to you Marie...


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