I find it odd when some people in the pagan/wiccan/witch world ask for "send prayers" when some, if not lots of us do not pray [as is understood in the christian/catholic realm of using an intermediary to make a connection with Divinity] whereas one directly establishes a relationship with an specifc entity that may offer an insight when a need/problem arises.

I would like to hear others' points of view on this topic.

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Actually, I know plenty of Wiccans and Witches who do indeed pray, and pray for assistance, blessings, healings, etc for their loved ones. I wasn't aware that prayer was different for Wiccans/Witches than they are for Christians. While many Christians may use intermediaries, many also don't, and pray directly to their God for the same things we do. 

I don't agree that spells are little prayers. To me spells are the manipulation of energy to obtain a desire. 
Prayers come from a totally different space IMO. Possibly psychological, or to a deity.
In my way a prayer is a form of being thankful or an affirmation of a goal.  

Your right it is my opinion. Which I learned from my family. Spell work is separate from spirituality in my tradition.
Not all witches are wiccan and do separate witchcraft from their spirituality if they choose too. I choose too. 

I do agree with your point.

I would not call offerings or affirmations acts of praying as praying I see it as a form of suplicative action, as asking someone to act for you.

I also do not believe spells are "little prayers", as prayers are passive, spells are active. But that's neither here nor there. Everyone sees spells in their own way, and if that way works for them, then so be it. 

makes sense to me Wolfie. :D

This is response to  Wolfie/1st post on the thread

Spells may have been compared to praying in order to have some common point to share between monotheistic & polytheistic paths but they are two distinct forms of connecting to divinity.

Not necessarily, (and I'm reeeelly not trying to start "debate" here, im just sayin') plenty of Witches who use spells do not believe in Gods...so to say that spells are all a means of connecting to a divine source is not entirely true. Many traditional Witches (not BTW) are atheists. So it wouldn't make sense for atheists to use spells if it's a means of connecting to the divine, seeing as atheists deny the existence of deities, yet I know plenty of atheist Witches who do indeed use them. 

Thank you for the link.

Great conversation on your post Kixs

Nor is your attitude!

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!


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