Not asking for myself folks. Well in a way I suppose but its more for my family then myself. My mother and sister to be percise. Niether walk our side of the street but that isn't a hitch in my mind. I'm just looking for somthing that will help keep uninvited guests out of their place. The flesh and blood sort to be percise. Any suggestions hit me up.

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Anoint the house with olive oil.

Put some bloodroot above doorways and on window sills.

Carnelian placed on a window sill to protect the house during a storm.

A blue crystal cleansed with water and charged with good vibes placed above doorways and on window sills.

I like this answer- i do always find that protection charms should be called attraction charms though but thats just me, i know my faith in my self is enough to see me through but there have been problems with houses when I have left them, i just think it wise to be very careful when using mystical objects :)

have a blessed day

Amethyst in corners is good too!

Black salt and red pepper on your doorstep and walkway to make them leave.


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