When I was a kid I connected easily with spirits, I wouldn't say I was a medium by any means but along with that I also would get deja vu very frequently, I would dream of future events here and there. I personally believe that we are all capable of Psychicism and Mediumship but it takes a lot of hard work to really get in tune.


When I got older I kind of lost that ability, I no longer get deja vu like I use to, I can't feel when I'm near spirits as well as I use to be able to and my dreams... I'm lucky if I can remember them. I feel like I don't dream any more in all honesty. 


This post is for a few different reasons. One I want to hone in on my past abilities I want to experience and perceive the way once was able to (if not better) and I'd like your opinions on how someone can get better in this skill. What practices could someone do, books, activities etc... Two because I'm genuinely curious as to your opinion, do you think its something people are born with or worked upon, if you think its a born ability why? If you think its worked up, do you try to refine this skill? 

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I have had this ability ever since I can remember-my Grandmother did too. The one story that was told about my Grandmother that affirmed her abilites, one day my Grandmother told everyone she had a dream. In her dream there was a knock at the frnt door of the house (we never used that door and it was sealed shut for as long as I can remember) and she went to the front door and opened it. There on the step was a white casket with brass handles. The casket lid was open. She went to the casket and peered inside. Inside was my cousin Vickie. She was about six years old and in life she had long beautiful blonde hair. But in my Grandmother's dream, it was a brown.


Weeks later, while my Grandmother was doing farm chores, Vickie came over. The kids all went down to the watering pond for the cows and were skipping rocks on the water. It was late fall and the water had not begun to ice yet, but there was a Northeaster rolling in. Vickie slipped and fell into the pond. All attempts to rescue her and then recover her body was futile because the storm rolled in shortly after she drowned. Because of the ice on the pond and the storm, her body was unable to be retrieved until early spring. Her casket was white and had brass handles, the mortician, despite many attempts to dye her hair back blonde was unable to get her hair back from brown. Apparently for some reason, it had been stained the same tint of the mud on the bottom of the pond-perhaps because of the duration she was in there.


I have seemed to have inherited this same "gift" as my Grandmother. I don't dream, except about future events. These dreams are strong, like I am actually there. I try to prove myself that it's only a dream, but when I touch things, I can feel them in my dreams, when I go to smell something, I actually smell it. I can't control it and I don't know when it will happen. It just does. 


As far as spirits from the afterlife, I understand them. I just know them. I know when they are around and when they are happy, sad, etc. I just can feel them-if it makes any sense. I refuse to label myself as psychic or a medium. I don't understand everything that happens to me all the time, I just know I am different. Whether this is a "learned" gift or not, I don't know, I don't even understand how I have it.

Totally understand... don't know what it is either.. but it is there and it's real

Roxanne, those are not dreams you are having, they are visions. There is a difference. For most, in visions, you can and usually do interact with the environment. Not so much in dreams. Also, (something I have been studying lately), you may be doing some out of body traveling, past the astral plane, into a completely different universe.

I would be willing to bet that you are being trained (by Spirit) for some greater works and gifts as you get older.

Blessed Be gifted one:)

Psychics. Are you born with it or can you learn it?


The answer is yes.


I believe some people are born with some abilities, but no one is shut off from accessing them without enough work and practice. Everybody is going to be good at different sorts of things. I was not born with any gifts, I managed to develop some interesting things in my work with crystals and metals.


Spiritual Protection by Sophie Reicher is a good one, as are many of Michelle Bellanger's books. I'd probably stay away from any of Sylvia Brown's books, unless you're talking about the much older ones.

I used to have feelings of deja vu all the time, and now it is a rarity with me. If you find some reliable information on building up on this trait please let me know!

I believe that all people are born with intuition/psychic abilities. But for about 5 or 600 years it's been basically pushed out of present conciencness. I'm sure all of you who were raised in a christian enviroment have heard it's not real, it's of the devil, it's your imagination. So as little kids you begin to close that door in your brain that leads to your instincts or psychic side.

 So for those of you who wish to get it back, all you have to do is re-open that door to your instincts. Quit telling yourself it's your imagination and trust yourself again. So trust your gut reactions and believe you, really few of us would actually lie to our selves.

 You can also do card games if you can get someone to help you with it. Have someone hold up a card and look at it and then you tell them what the card is. Keep track of your right and wrong answers and practice it. Getting it back takes years for some, but hell took you years to forget it, so what do you expect from yourself...lol.

Granny always told me that deja vu was the divine letting you know your right where your suppose to be. Other words it's a good thing.


do you try to refine this skill?

Of course. I startled people IRL into being willing to swear I am a psychic. What I do is to put aside my own 'whatever is going on in my mind' and really pay some good old fashioned attention. It is easier for me when I feel safe and content.

-> The more one is busy with any crap that's going on within ones own mind, the shittier the quality of ones attention/observations. This is a general issue. Personally I think that skills like 'listening' are in practice, what super-powers are in the movies.



So Maire, you don't believe people have instincts?
That is an interesting assumption, but what is it based on, is the question. I do not see where I wrote that instincts do not exist.
Well I see instincts as a different type of psychic ability.  So if to be psychic is to just listen well. Then you must not believe humans have instincts, it's just us listening well or comprehending signals or some such to figure out that well spoken man in the nice cloths is actually just a jerk.

wth are you replying to? certainly not to what I wrote.


I think it is because I ignored the 'dead people' in the OP, right? Sorry for not writing about your powers, then.

My focus was on 'reading' people. I hope my post makes sense now :)


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