I am having a challenge in deciphering the meaning to a question from a 3 card spread about a question having to do with should I let someone know how I feel about  heror not or should I wait it out? The three cards are the past: 10 of disks wealth, present: 2 of disks change, and future: 9 of disks gain. I have come to the conclusion that I already accept if she feels the same way or not that is ok as long as I let her know how I feel is what matters to me and letting it out, that's all I can do. I have already told her how special she was and showed her that I care for her and she is showing similar signs back. But I want to make sure that I tell her appropriately and not try to push it or make it seem that way. It almost seems like she wants me to but I am not sure. At the same time I am tired of holding it all in.

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If you pull 3 cards from the same suit in a row, you didn't shuffle the cards good enough.

Try again.

if you want a straight forward answer,,,you should do a cardlay of the lenormand cards.they are a frech way of predicting things and straight to the core of the problem or question u have.if u dont have them i can have a look for u.just ask a few very clear questions u wanna know.and we will see how it goes.i only use tarot if i need insight in somebodys behavior or insight in a situation.anyways let me know ok?and if u dont wanna know,,,thats fine by me as well.bb

Tineke been thank you for your reply. Yes thats fine for you to do a reading. My question is to know if i should tell her how i feel about her and if we were meant to be. She shows signs of liking me back. I wanted to ask her out but i want to be respectful about it. She talked with me about her feelings for all of her problems in life and it freaked me out at first because it caught me off guard. But I can understand her now. I think she wants me to and I notice how she getd like this rush around me. I told her before in a message i thought she was special and i respected and appreciated her and she said i make her heart feel so good. So I am just wondering if i should go ahead and gently and politely express my feelings atleast for my well being. Basically what I am saying is that I want to know how she feels, or at least be able to understand how to perceive her feelings. This has always been tough for me to pick up on. She has been affectionate towards me like rubbing her hands through my hair asking me about a scratch on my head.


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