I have became more stronger spiritually and I have been a long time. But I'm feel like I'm detaching more from people. Does anybody else have this problem?

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Detachment from people & relationships involving their drama etc is rather common,as your letting go of the karmic bonding of their old ways that dont mix with yours anymore,they bore you in other words..you are thus moving from a 3D realm of reality to a higher realm,so their ways arnt necessary in your reality anymore...

That makes a lot of sense
Thank you for the wise words

Your welcome LaJah.. its rather common within ascension symptoms of consciousness,and in some people they have said they almost appear invisible to others,like they will be in a group with others they have been with before,and yet no one talks to them for some reason,as if they are not even there...you will also start to feel weird as your DNA alters to accept the new higher consciousness..dont worry though as you will be fine and just adjust slowly to it all..and it will be as if everything new around you becomes your new norm,your past thinking wont even be remembered[like you wont recognise the change over]..and you will find new people who are on the same page/path,& perceptions as you again,as they are also moving through the realms of consciousness change..

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Regardless of how spiritual you are, we are still in the world, even if we no longer feel not of it. You will still have to deal with people, which can be difficult. Your spirituality should give you insights on how to deal with the rest of the world, because the dramas that effect others are no longer your dramas, you have risen above them, and become separate. 

Try and share your insights with the troubled, as a way to connected yourself to others who are less evolved on their paths? 

This is normal, especially in spell working. Practice makes perfect.

One way I've heard of looking at it is that we are both physical and spiritual creatures. To keep ourselves healthy, we need both. Maybe try to strike a balence, and strengthen your connection to the physical as well as the spiritual? Socialising, walks, good food and spending time with friends or family can help strengthen your connection to the physical.


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