I'm not looking for something that explains the Craft or the path really, but some books that are like tales that can be considered Pagan. I just got Fin M'Coul: The Giant of Knockmany Hill by Tomie de Paola from Bookmooch and I'm looking for books like that. I don't trust Amazon's recommended books because, well, it's Amazon and they're out to make money.


So if you know of some books that you can recommend and I can use your review on my blog, I would be most grateful. I can't buy every book, and my library is in a town of 900 that doesn't have access to the statewide library, and the only Pagan books they have are the 2 that I donated to them. The librarian is a closet Wiccan, but she sympathizes with me.


Thanks everyone!


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The magic faraway tree is an old book that I read as a child and loved, it doesn't explain the craft or anything but they are good stories 


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