hands down mine is Shiraz, which is opposite to my white wine favorite of Chablis...as Shiraz has a lot of heavy oak flavour

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IS merlot red..lol...i forget, i just say open the bottle and grab it and run...lol..if thats the red, thats the fav..but hey im very open for future wine tasting
Merlot is my second favorite wine, red as blood...
My OWN wine,Heathers Witches Brew is a cranberry shiraz,my favorite is any cheap Italian merlot,. I also love Ravenswood shiraz and merlot. Eco Domoni is grande too.

Cranberry Shiraz? Wow....sounds sooo delicious, love cranberry's of course....being from Limerick, Home of The Cranberry's band....ever thought of marketing it? One of the band have a Cafe here, and pretty sure they have a licence to sell alcohol....just a thought!!
Aye,I have!! It was the featured wine at the Yorktown vintner last oct!!
Really....wow. Sounds like a really decent wine, and its one of the things I adore outside the Craft...wine making...beautiful home made blackberry wine has been posted by a great friend of mine in England...looking forward to making it in the Autumn.....so if it works...expect a few bottles!! :)
I'm not much of a wine drinker but when I do have a glass or two I find it nice. I am more favored to sweet wines. I used to drink Chianti with my friends. This past christmas eve I had something called "Droit Gamay Noir" by Chateau de Charmes. It was quite good actually. Not as sweet as a Chianti but not as dry as other reds I've tasted.

LOL probably doesnt tell you much but I'm not much of a somlier? or however you spell that.
Okay so i'm cheating. Here is what I red on the internet about the wine we drank:

2006 Gamay Noir Droit
red, fruity, full-bodied
VQA Appellation: Niagara Peninsula

In 1982, Château des Charmes’ founder Paul-Michel Bosc, while conducting pioneering clonal selection research at his vineyard in Niagara-on-the-Lake, noticed a single Gamay Noir vine that exhibited some interesting and unique characteristics. Most noticeably, the vine shoots grew in an upright (“droit”) position. Propagation of this single vine began immediately and culminated almost two decades later in the granting of international Plant Breeder’s Rights to Château des Charmes. “Canada’s first vinifera” was born. Gamay “Droit” produces grapes that ripen on average about ten days later than Gamay Noir with higher sugar levels and greater colouring matters. The result is a red wine with more body, alcohol and flavour concentration.

Reviews of this wine:
2006 Gamay Noir 'Droit'
submitted by: David Lawrason

Very different from most Niagara or French interpretations of gamay – more depth, colour, and in this vintage terrific balance and depth. Paul Bosc’s best gamay ever. Very lifted nose of white pepper, twiggy-forest notes, cinnamon and florality. Medium bodied, fairly dense for gamay and well balanced, with very spicy, dill, rosemary flavours. Excellent length. Best 2008 to 2012.

(DL 11/07)
2006 Gamay Noir 'Droit'
submitted by: Tony Aspler

Colour: ruby
Nose: earthy cherry, peppery note
Taste: well extracted, black cherry and plum fruit, fresh and lively on the palate; clean and flavourful
Drinkability: now - 2008

Here's a link to a pdf on it as well.

Being no wine expert, and a mere "paganus", my choice of red, is of the "paysan" class, a Vin de Pays, that can be enjoyed for what it is, with a meal, or for sitting round a fire on a cold night and talking.
I found one which I would recommend in "Aldi" supermarket,, and its called " Baron St Jean", ( also in white), and horrors, its screw capped!
Its also 11.5 , and packs a punch, but considering its from a baseline supermarket, its actually quite nice.
we once had a dinner party of all our Pagan friends, Witches, Shamans, Druids, and the wine for the evening was jugged on table.
I tried a few bottles of both of these to see if anyone spat it out, yelling "crap" - not one person commented negatively, and most asked what it was, as they enjoyed it.
Great for a good night on a budget - as many of us are facing in these times of fiscal famine.
I'm a fan of screw top wines!! I must try that wine, we have 'Aldi' here too. Did you let it breath or decant it, or just lushed into it, as I probably will :) Thanks so much for that, its great to share good wine recommendations with each other here
Hi Joanne -you should be able to get it easily if you have an Aldi nearby, its around £3.10p per bottle, but youre in Euro land , so cant convert sorry.
Worth allowing to breathe on table for awhile -but I have red wine loving friend who likes hers cold from the fridge.
I like the posting of the Witch brand Cranberry wine, sounds differently interesting.
Each to their own, I did try it once, and strangely found it went down quite easily -and quickly.
Thats my friend Heathers wine...I'm visiting with her in June/July....we get on great, lovely lady.


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