Reading much of the posts on the discussion "what is the soul" (

I saw many comments related to reincarnation posted. So, I wanted to let my position on the topic be known, as well as get the opinions of those who decide to read this post.


In my view reincarnation does exist. But it does not exist in only one form. I believe in three different types of reincarnation, which I define as piecewise, influential, and rebirth.


Piecewise is a view that will take some explaining. In this view it must be essential for a soul to be shattered. Perhaps this is possible on the spirit plane by other souls, I do not know for sure, but I do believe it (I have used spells on aberrations and it seemed to destroy them, or at least injure their spiritual body). If so, I do not believe that the energy completely goes away, nor does what is programmed upon the different parts of that energy. It may be that when a soul is destroyed a part of it may be reincorporated into the soul of another that is developing (I believe souls are created through experience in life, and as we live our soul grows with out personality) (be it in a human child or in an animal. Perhaps even in servators and beings created by spells). This can be memories, preferences, ideas, names of people, fears, personality elements, and other parts of their being.


Influential reincarnation is the idea that the souls of those who have died may influence a developing soul as it progresses, though are not necessarily a part of that spirit being. In this view a baby would be subconsciously messaged by the soul and would begin to adopt some of what is sent to it. This may appear at the conscious level as the child begins exhibiting personality traits, knowledge, skills, and even memories that clearly belonged to the deceased. I remember someone in the forum mentioning a situation much like this with their nan and their child.


As for rebirth, it is pretty self explanatory. My view of it is that the soul of the deceased chooses to incarnate into this plane, and when the opportunity arises (a vacant biological body) it does just that, impressing itself upon that body. In this view it is the reincarnated soul that is manifest in the subconscious. This may be the result of the host mind defending itself, maybe the subconscious mind is what really lives on after death, or it may be that as new experiences flood in old experiences, feelings, thoughts, sounds, and memories are shoved down into the subconscious, giving the resulting individual a new sense of individuality. Of course, once one fully taps into their subconscious mind then the old self seems to rise up (at least slightly). This can be done purposely or can occur through daily events that draw some parallel to the subconscious past life's experience, which the mind will then call up.

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