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DeFina said an examination of Jahi also revealed that her brain was still intact, rather than "liquefying" as would be expected if a brain-dead body was kept on life-support for many months.

DeFina also said brain scans showed electrical activity, and other tests showed blood flowing to the brain.

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2017 Update:  "Judge Declares her "Alive". " - see comment body

June 2018 Update: Never let her goFinally taken off life-support

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Such a sad situation. So no case of brain death has ever been reversed, is that because no one has ever woke up from it or is it because no one/family has ever fought it? Or is it that doctors don't like to admitt when they're wrong? Electrical activity, responses to commands, presumably, sounds to me like she may be in there somewhere.

But I have to wonder, even if there is function on some level, what kind of quality of life could she have? If it is possible for her to come back, in what state would she be? I understand the feelings of the family, not wanting to believe or let go, but in the end this is about a little girl and the life she may or may not have. Honestly, don't know what my response to this might be, if I were in this situation.  

No. The brain is dead.  They can pretty much tell from MRIs and Xrays.

There's no coming back from it.

Take the life support machines off this girl and her body will shut down because her brain is no longer signaling.

Thanks for answering that, wasn't sure if there had been cases in the past, but "brain dead" sounds pretty difinative to me. And, as much as it breaks ones heart, keeping this girl on life support is adding tragedy to a tragic situation, I agree that the machines should be stopped, at the same time I also, in a fashion, understand the agony of that choice facing the parents and all those who love this girl, hard choice.  

Why Jahi's Mamma doesn't believe she's brain-dead

Winkfield said she's reached puberty over the last year, and has had two menstrual cycles -- something Dolan said can only happen to someone with a functioning brain.

The next step will be getting Jahi's California death certificate reversed so she can move back home and get disability benefits in California, Dolan said. Experts have already testified on her behalf, he said.

Notice the edited picture. 

What does the rest of her body look like while she is posed like this?

Mother is very desperately playing the 'she's alive' card and exaggerating movements.  No way this child is trying to get out of bed.

Yep, that's why I posted it.  Even if it was only a minor edit, it's obvious that the girl's body is deteriorating.  Having her on machines is slowing the process sure, but she's decomposing. 

Read the conversations on Lipstick Alley

Some of these photos are not only edited but dated.  The mother is playing a ruse for the public, is it part of her mourning process or to ensure she gets those 'benefits' she's counting on?

Healthy?  OK great.  Cut the life-support and we'll see how 'healthy' she is.

Would nails continue to grow without a live brain to direct it? If she is moving so much, shouldn't they trim back those nails before she scratches up her face?


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