So amongst my interests are Parapsychology, Esoteric sciences, Hypnosis, NLP, and during decades of study, research and practice I have come across many things of interest and curiosity. Amongst them is remote viewing which some of you may or may not be familiar with, one particular interview I came across really raised an eyebrow and I have done a fair bit of research on this guy, and assure you he is the real deal, his name is Stephen Schwartz.

In 1978 he conducted a Parapsychology experiment about remote viewing the future. the results are astonishing he asked the participants to tell them what they could view about 2050, and consequently got answers that related to events much closer one happened 3 years after the experiment.

Without giving the whole plot of the interview away if you live near the coast, in a big city or near the Equator you really want to watch this if you still plan on being around 10-20 years from now.

Please share you views on what he says, I am very interested in what other people think about this.

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Good point.

There is change on the personal level that deals with personal knosis, personal struggles and achievement, and there is change on the societal level that is much more complex.

Luciferians do specific rituals as a calling designed just for the very purpose of embracing change and personal evolution.. Becoming stagnated, heading for a crossraods, or unblocking yourself from moving forward. Sometimes you have to take it to higher levels to fully understand the evolutionary aspects of personal change. It is only difficult in a sense that one does not understand the calling, and lacking in confidence needed to work with this higher power.

However, when you deal with entire populations, the energy field shifts..This is where insitutionalized propaganda and mass hysteria can force entire populations down a very slippery slope. This is precisely why everyone has to become their own mentor and informant. It is risky to do otherwise, and as far as societal change goes, the wrong decisions could become disastrous. This is what makes the media so dangerous. Beware of a media that insists on doing your research for you on scientifc matters. There is no need to prostelyze to these people. Most people are just too fucking stupid and/or lazy to understand that.

There is no wisdom without common sense. Becoming aware of your environment, and use your own acquired practical data, based on research and sound reasoning. Not on fear, hype, group think, herd mentality, someone's computer models, and hysteria.

Then you become your own remote viewer.

The think is with things like Luciferians, Satanism, is their cults with an agenda, a clue to keep the group together, and increase size, even self-help groups, have a glue to keep the group together,(tribal) which when dealing with things like being the master of your own destiny, is problematic, because to be the master of your own life you have to know the self, and most people don’t.
Self-esteem, most people have no idea about self-actualisation, or any real idea what self-esteem actually is, most people project and perceive, instead of perceive and project, which means they are in a constant flux of receiving their responses and reactions, instead of having some big picture of what they want, and doing things that are moving toward that and about themselves.
I completely agree with being your own Mentor and coach, and seek out others who are on a level of living and thinking that you want to be on, you perceive the level of success, happiness you want so your on the thought level of having it, then move towards it, and we also do that casually in conversation everyday.
You become your own remote viewer when you see perception is projection.

Well, the individualist platform you lien on here is certainly true. It is world religions who rely on herd mentality as the cement to hold their ideologies together. So yes, any time people rely on a group, or a tribe, for support, status as an individualist is forfeited.

Luciferians are individualist by nature. This is a religion/philosophy that is premised on individualism. Satanism is the same way. In reality, there is no choice in that game.

The Church of Satan is a loosely knitted cabal where most of it's "faithful" rarely come into physical contact with each other.

The Temple of Satan which now has the highest public profile, is not a Satanic organization.

1.)They are not a cult. They are a farce, a fraud, and have formally committed themselves to a social activist platform, as a basic tenet of their organization.

2.)They mirror themselves as social justice warriors, the exact same way the catholic church does.They should not even qualify as a church.

3).They ironically claim individualist thinking, but it is nothing more than group think being dished out to it's members like a smorgasbord..

4.) They use the name of Satan to get attention to themselves, as inconoclasts who differ from the norm, while openly embracing morality and benevolence, which to me, is an act of insanity.

Not as being moral, but by using the name of Satan to justify it.

In the words of Peter Gordon, High Priest of the Church of Satan;

"Let us instead look at contemporary Satanism for what it really is: a brutal religion of elitism and social Darwinism that seeks to re-establish the reign of the able over the idiotic, of swift justice over injustice, and for a wholesale rejection of egalitarianism as a myth that has crippled the advancement of the human species for the last two thousand years."

Gordon does not refer to social justice, as it is commonly understood. He refers to justice as swift retribution, revenge, payback, which is hardly popular or communal in the popular sense....

Social justice is a term that is adopted by the climate change global warming cabal, including the catholic church, and the temple of satan. It is a moral platform. They give it away when they use crazy terms like "crimes against humanity" to describe industrialization.

In fact I would argue that it is this very industrialzation that has civilized the world and improved human existence, in ways that religion and social activism never could even dream of, by advanced science and technology, for example, in modern medicine.

I see it as a little of both; self actualization and freethinking, as well as drawing ideas from those of more experience and stature.

Perception is usually inborn, or it is acquired through ritual. But however it is mastered, I agree, it is the key to remote viewing, and it is something that literally anyone is capable of, once they know more about their strengths and weaknesses.

Your description of contemporary Satanism, is  exactly that, the disrupt and destroy mentality, the destroy the opposition or anything that doesn't align to their world view, I get your view about where industrialisation has benefited humanity, and it has to some extent, and destroyed a part of humanity to some extent.

Mainstream society just love to put ridicules buzz words to describe events etc. like global warming, they will either give it a ridicules buzz word name or a part Latin/scientific name that no one can pronounce. 

Personally though when buying a house I would consider carefully this information  about not buying in certain locations because the tides could rises. And I wouldn't buy in those kind of regions.

Perception is something everyone does every day, it's just there are those who are aware of it and those who aren't.

"the disrupt and destroy mentality, the destroy the opposition or anything that doesn't align to their world view,"

This is definately not for everybody.

I would submit that social and religious progressives do exactly the same thing. It's very similar to christianity in the confrontational sense. We can choose to ignore what we deem to be obstacles to progress, or choose to confront it, like the christian hardliners advise their "warriors" to do. Or the social justice warriors.

As individualists, we work for the benefit of ourselves first, then on behalf of anyone who may benefit us, either directly, or by default. The Luciferian deals with an acausal realm that is less open to any benevolence to humanity at large. It is more compact, and secretive. The contemporary Satanist, may, OR may not choose to deal with it in the mundane sense, as Gordon illustrates.

The lures and benefits of the industrial age are all too obvious. This is a matter of compromise, when evaluating the pros and cons of it. This is what separates humans from animals. If humans have any similarities to animals, the one that comes to my mind is terratorialism, that entails borders and boundaries. With limits to what you can share, or not, with others.

The reason the strong overcome the weak is more psychological, and the fact that these boundries become less defensable. The expansion of economic wealth in a globalist economy is one of those illogical quirks of modern progress. This has reduced self dependence and self sustenance to it's lowest common denominator, while making the people at the top very wealthy. No one is disputing that. Energy production and harvesting of natural resources is one way to offset that. But it makes entire populations vulnerable to external economic forces, by proxy, or willfully, but that it is not necessary to our survival and progress.

As far as buzzwords go, with all the misleading euphamisms and metaphorical jargon surrounding climate change and global warming, globalism, and open borders, there are obvious ironies, and conflicts in common sense. It started with global warming, and shifted to climate change. Interestingly, both are valid phenomena. It's the way it is being misnomered and framed by the media and politicians, in order to decieve others, under the guise of what is the moral thing to do. This tactic is targeting to play to the emotions of the ill-informed, and manipulates them in a sense that the uninformed are expected to go out and participate in these kangaroo democracies, that has dramatic effects on the distribution of political power.

I think there is an interesting point to be made about the downside of industry. Particularly the tech industry. This is something that has alot of convenience attached to it. It makes a more advanced life style easier to access, and implement. But in some ways it has dehumanized people. It made it more convenient for polarization and conflict to take place. More than any other industry, it also made some people become overly introspected, and aloof from their surroundings, thus affecting their ability to interact with others in real time. In fact, tech moguls make no reservations about their implementation of artificial intelligence, for example, as supposedly making life easier and more beneficial. But it also makes us more vulnerable to manipulation, in ways that are more subtle than the less sophisticated industries.

So as human evolution moves onward, change is enevitable that may be for the better, and sometimes for the worse.

As individualists, we work for the benefit of ourselves first, then on behalf of anyone who may benefit us, either directly, or by default.

We should be working that way, in general though that's not the case, there is a common programme amongst humanity to put others first, which essentially may or may not come from best intentions, however to be of any benefit to others you have to know the self first, and actually never mind what the politicians say, they are no more than middle men, to quote someone I met who is a very successful business woman, "the size and power of the Government is dependent on how dependent the population is on the Government in the first place".

Which essentially means if you want freedom, the good life or whatever you seek in life, the only real way to achieve that is to think and be an entrepreneur, in a way that's creative and ads to other peoples lives in a genuine way, you could wait for the lotto jackpot or an inheritance, but be warned 80% of people who get money this way end up broke in around 2 years and in worse debt than they have ever had, this is because their not on a level of though to sustain this, they have money, but their system of belief and behaviour stay the same, so unconscious mind because it hasn't had any coherent instruction to change any beliefs or values, hasn't changed any beliefs or values so this leads people into a cycle of self sabotage, their belies still state all the negative perspectives of money.

The change has to come on a level of thinking first, most peoples compass is set to define themselves, their value as a person, their intelligence, social standing etc. by their day job/occupation; the only way out of that is to find a way to find the self, do people really know what they want and like, actually no they don't they have a legion of what are known as dominant personality's, making these decisions for them on a subconscious/unconscious level, these dominant personality's maybe people they knew for a long time of very short, they adopted knowingly or unknowingly beliefs and values of other people, that may or may not be beneficial, but they never really challenged their beliefs or values, and that's where it starts right there, you can stay in a mainstream conditioned state if you choose and you will manifest a life from that, but it will be a life that is out of your control, driven almost entirely by outside stimuli, whether that be Government, Religious or other, those others are deciding your values and beliefs until, people on mass really start to look at their own beliefs and values, and re-define who they actually are, that is where knowledge of self really starts.

If you do not know your self how can you ever expect to know another, if you can't stand time alone, or be happy/comfortable  in your own company how can you expect others to be happy or comfortable in your company.

you can win 10 million, overnight and have money, but wisdom is a path, and when you have wisdom you have wealth.

You can spend all your days finding other people to blame or you can take mastery of yourself and create your own destiny on your terms.

I only follow a couple of things as absolutes one, the universal principles, The rede as it's known, and mindfulness of levels of thinking, what the meaning and purpose of any desired outcomes are.

Our lives are self-fulfilling prophecy's, which we are creating everyday, through language patterns and internal representations, but only a person acting of their own accord can decide to change those self-fulfilling prophecy's. 

Meantime all the so called powers that be life's middle men will continue to try to make others comply to their will, they will stand their and take what is rightfully yours if you let them, and you can stop letting them by knowing your true self.

What most people have is a belief system that was created predominately from 0-6 years old, so if you don't take control of your own belief system believe me someone else will.

To quote Einstien. "if will were to come into conflict with imagination, will, will always loose.

Further more in reply to your comments Mr Pellani. Whatever buzz words have been given to planet warming up, which I believe is a part of a planetary cycle of warming and cooling, the politicians, or industrialists that are all taking a stance that best suits their interests, global warming is not a political agenda, but a Humanitarian one as every creature in this planet could potentially be affected.

And what separates  Humanity from the rest of the animal kingdom is mans ability, to conceive an idea, and implement it, we created language patterns and symbolic associations, that give us an almost unique opportunity to manifest at will what we desire, if we understand how to communicate effectively with what are our own unconsciousness's.

That set me off on another train of thought here. It needs more careful study in a way that acting in a pushbutton premature panic, such as what the politicians, the humanitarians, whomever they claim to be, and the media are suggesting, may cause more problems than it will solve.. So, my opinion of that statement is that it has some truth, and it entails some mythology. Planetary cycle, yes, but "man made" is giving too much credit to human ingenuity, or lack thereof, for the better or the worse. That means that our ability to fix a problem that cannot be accurately or truthfully quantified, is no better or worse than our ability to create it. "Humanitarian" is another buzzword. So, it's a socio/political agenda, in a sense that it is more mythological, and distorts what it WILL actually affect, or will not. This is what the actual science reveals, not the buzzword they use as "consensus".

They are flat out lying about that! Any three year old can fact check them. I've been researching this for years, I didn't start last week. They give themselves away not only as fools, but as boldface liars when they claim that 98% of scientists agree with them. And they are every bit as prone to lying, if not more so, than those whom they demonize.

My opinion of man as a seperate living organism falls in line with much of what you say in the generic sense. However, my point in this particular discussion is not that which makes man LESS animal like.. Territorialism is one of those characteristics that is very dynamic, it is very real, and it should never be under estimated or diluted in illusions of what is humanitarian, or what is right, and wrong.

Your just trying to remove any type of name or terminology being used to describe what maybe in part man made and natural cycle, or all natural or all man made, if you call mythology that which yo choose not to buy into fine then I will call what you believe that I don't buy into mythology also. 

You are not the only person who has put years of research in, you constantly attract any name being given to describe a phenomena that could see average temperatures and water levels to change possible quite significantly, how the fuck is anyone meant to understand what any ones going on about if you keep arguing the toss over what name to give it, it's getting almost as ridicules as random claims that global warming has been going on for twenty thousand years, which s impossible to validate because there aren't any fucking weather or tidal records going back 20,000 years.

You attacked the politicians, mainstream science you even came in attacking parapsychology which is not essentially mainstream, you seem to me to be a sit on the side-lines and have a pop at anyone else's effort to understand or do anything about anything

You highjacked my discussion which was about remote viewing and what others may think on this subject, you attacked Stephen Schwartz's idea of would it be possible to remote view future events, as simple as that he wanted to no if it was possible it was not a political agenda, he happened to have a lot of success with here and now viewing and the question popped up would this work on future events, you actually remind me of politicians not offering a solution just antagonistic rhetoric. 

And frankly I'm tired or my discussion being clogged up with Dave Pellani's political views and agenda.

You offer no solutions only criticism, and attacking what other people have ascertained from their own research.

I don't know what kind of meds your on, but this is more of an argument for the lunatic fringe, proponents of climate nerdology 

Pellani I rest my case, is that your attempt to bully someone into submission by ridicule, pathetic troll tactics, I believe the image of Satan belongs to you as you posted it and it is you trying to disrupt  and destroy my discussion, I don't take any meds actually, I am however a certified hypnotherapist NLP master practitioner and coach, which makes reading the motives of people like you, like reading a very short uninteresting book.

I have forgotten more than you know about mind and manifestation and why people make the decisions they make.

Just to recap you came into this discussion claiming any one who believed in remote viewing was a charlatan, until you were put in your place  by someone who confirmed that remote viewing was indeed real and had been lab proved, the uncertainty aspect is the actual mechanics of what enables viewers to view remotely.

You are quick enough to level criticism and slights at others but you can't take your own medicine, so if you have nothing else to do except mock and try to subdue people with ridicule and sleighs I politely request you piss off out of my discussion.

It would be clear to any one else observing this discussion that your only objective is to mock what doesn't fit into your world view, 


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