Good to be back here after a few months away.

I wondered if anyone  has the kindness and  time to describe the best way they found to remove a curse that had been put on them by someone they knew well. 

I am very interested to hear the method you used and the results.

Any form of magick, counter-magick or energy work or any other method will be useful to hear about. And whether you returned the curse to the sender or not etc.

I  have searched the boards but not found much discussion bar one or 2 posts.

I am saying curse, but I guess very powerful psychic attack is another description - not sure how the 2 differ.

Thank you very much in advance.


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If you want to shield yourself from curses wear a pendant of red jasper.

Thank you Enigma , I will try that!


I´m lucky enough that people I know well do not put curses on me. A couple of times I have encountered spirits during my shamanic work or Tarot readings tht wanted to use me for their entertainment and in these cases spiritual baths have been helpful. If you think that information could be usueful to you I´ll be happy to describe some for you.

Thank you Grimalkin for your reply. I would be very interested to hear  more about the spiritual baths, if you have chance. Thank you.

Here is something for starters:

It is called the Aniseed bath and it comes out of the bag o´ tricks of what passes as Hoodoo or root work in the Southern U.S. This bath is not a heavy duty curse breaker but it will deal with minor shade being thrown your way, it will bring a quantum of luck to your side and some extra general glamour as a bonus.


What you need:


a sizeable pot of water

3 tea spoons of aniseeds

3 coffee filters

3 rubberbands

a generous amount of (real, living) honey

a bottle or can of strong beer, preferably Ale, definitely NOT Bud Light




Cascarilla (powdered eggshells)


What you want to do with the ingredients is this:


First, you heat the water in the pot until it boils. In the meantime you put a tea spoon of aniseeds into each coffee filter and tie them into little bags with the rubberbands. Leave the aniseeds room to expand because they might grow up to three times their original size and you don´t want them to burst out of the bags and make the water all messy. Put them in the boiling water and pour in the honey. It should at least be enough to stream down and cover the whole ground of your pot. Then let it boil 20 - 30 minutes but make sure that not all the water boils out. What you should get is water that is brown or golden from the honey and that smells sweetly of aniseed, and molasses.


Let it cool down to the point where you can pour it into your bath water without hurting yourself while you fill your bathtube. Also pour the beer into the bath water. It is not totally necessary but if you can get your hands on Florida Water Cologne sprinkle some in too for a nice rose scent. If you want to add cascarilla sprinkle it in as well. Then take your bath and really soak in the water for 10 - 15 minutes, spill it all over you to clean your aura. It should refresh you and clean you of all negative energies that go down the drain with the water when you are done. In general it removes negativity and makes you more attractive to all things from dates to money to bosses.


I´ll give you another recipe for more deliberate and skilled curses tomorrow

lol, Beer. 

Yes, indeed - originally invented not by Budweiser or the Bavarians but by the Egyptians as an offering to the ancestors. That is the reason why it is in the recipe.

Of course I´m not talking about American beer. That colored water does not break curses. It just makes you depressive. :-)

Well according to Bud Light, the curse still stands. So you’re right about Beer. Beer is an ingredient.

Check my new reply - I got a recipe for the members of the Brotherhood of Real Hard Drinks now too...

So here are some more options to un-hex yourself.


CAVE: before you spin your wheels unnecessary, did you do some kin dof divination work to determine whether you are really cursed or just picked up some negative energy at Walmart? That would be the first step perhaps.


Once you know you are cursed for sure here are several more methods to deal with it.



(do NOT use this recipe if you are allergic to pine or rose oil or you end up in a world of hurt even without a curse!)


1 teaspoon of pine oil

1 teaspoon of rose oil

½  gallon of milk


3 coffee filters and rubber bands

handful of Cascarilla (powdered eggshells)


Again use the coffee filters filled with cloves inside and the rubber bands to form three little tea bags. Boil tehm in a pot of water together with a tea spoon of pine oil and a teaspoon of rose oil for about half an hour.


Let it cool down.


Pour it into your bathwater with the milk and throw in the cascarilla. Then take your bath. Soak in it. The pine will remove negativity / curses and they will be bound in the cascarilla.






Get Hyssop herb and again put it into coffee filter tea bags to boil them in a pot of water. Once saturated let it cool down while you drink a cup of the hyssop tea. Put the rest into your bathwater or pour it over your head in the shower.



WARNING: alcoholic beverages again, we gear up to the harder stuff J


Mix the milk from three coconuts with an equal amount fo white (non-spiced) rum and pour I over your head while taking a shower. Can get quite cold but is also quite  a hex breaker



After using one of the before mentioned methods you can take two white candles drop some uncrossing oil from a root worker or botanica on each, light them, burn some sandalwood incense along with it and pray for the removal f any negativity that might cling to you. Again, I´m a great fan of using some divinatory method in the form of YES/NO questions to determine what exactly the problem is and how to get rid of it

thank you Grimalkin very much for the bath instructions for Aniseed, Hyssop and Pine. they are very interesting. Yes I know for sure about it, so I will proceed with the Pine bath I think. thank you very much again! Have a great day! (I am in UK)


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