I can't remember anything before the age of about 7, I get glimpses of things here and there but I was just wondering could this be me repressing 'painful' memories or something,  could I really just have that shitty of memory?

There are some things, that happened as a kid that are really difficult for me to get over. Somethings I don't know if they really happened or if I dreamed them up, its hard to distinguish reality from otherwise.

So a few questions:

1. Could this be a case of repressed memories or just crappy memory?

2. How have you dealt with tramatic or hard to release memories?

3. Repressed memories of this plane, can they be linked to prior lives?

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I don't think so. Most people don't remember practically ANYTHING at such a young age. Hell, I hardly remember anything before I was ten.


It's just how the brain works, I think.



Most people really can't recall much of their childhood prior toi 6 or 7 to begin with.  Let's face facts, the human brain continues to grow toi till about age 25, this is for normal growth.  Children, who have suffered illness or accident pre or not long after birth will have a different set of development circumstances.  Ages 0-3, after that the learning becomes more complex with intergration into circles of friends and family.  So you see it's not easy to assume repressed memory.  Speak to anyone suffering from PTSD, they want to forget to block out, and how difficult that is.


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