Blessed meeting to everyone here. I suppose given the circumstances i should make some introduction, even being an older member under a new name. Between an incident, time's passing and the chaotic tides life has taken, i have currently little to no memory of my younger self's time here, just the site beckoning and clouding my thoughts recently. For the time being at least, I'd like to offer a fond hello to everyone.

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Blame all memory loss of ones younger self on this planets 'Amnesia effect' it happens to the best of us,rest assured it will all come racing back eventually even if it's at old age..but hey anyway welcome back..

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i wouldn't call it the Amnesia Effect considering it was a treadmill being dropped on my head a few years back,but did receive advice to just be myself,hence the name far most of everything is still blank but in time maybe itll all return

Oh that was my New Zealand sense of humor,one normally has to blame something when we dont remember so thought that would sorry to hear about your head injury,& I hope your memory returns fully.


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