has any one here seen or like the rocky horror?

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play or shadow cast?
EXTREME coolness!

Hey what's for dinner ? Meatloaf

Great Scott he's got toilet paper !

I love you Honey!!!!

The idea that someone DOESN'T know what the RHPS is baffles my mind. I know people who don't like it. And that's cool.


I'll just go dressed up as a hooker with one of my other friends to the midnight show with all my props and dried food stuffs.



Love RHPS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Went for the first time in 12+ years with Ada , on Halloween eve , guess that's our anniversary , lol . I think that night could have been a double feature picture show , lol .
after you found the tickets......
Who HASN'T seen Rocky Horror?

lol I first seen it when I was maybe 8 or 9 (yeah, too young to understand it, but) loved it ever since.
Hey Frank what's your favorite color "Magenta" Where do you get your drugs from "Columbia"
Tried to go for Halloween / anniversary but in Mass we had 10 inches of snow and power outages . So much fun.


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