A genie has appeared and is standing before you. This genie (you pick the gender), has offered you three wishes. There are three rules to the granting of these wishes though. You only have 60 seconds to make all three, they must be for you and you alone (no world peace and such), and they can't be for material wealth.

Could you make three wishes in 60 seconds?   Go!

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To be free of HIV, depression and asthma
good health with long life, the wisdom to be a fantastic Father for my two sons, since we are talking wishes...a country to live in that was prosperous, peaceful and content...

1.) The forgiveness of all my wrong doings

2.) Complete healing of my ill family members

3.) Wisdom

health,happiness,and a kick ass music collection

perfect health, no fear, wisdom.

1. I wish for youth

2. I wish for a comfortable life

3. I wish for 60 more seconds so I can decide the third wish.

:-)  3. I actually wish to be able to heal

To find a best friend I can be really close to like a sister, to not be so depressed all the time (a little depression and rough edges I like but ALL the time is ridiculous), and to not fear being myself out in public

A better memory, more creative talent, and more patience.

Instantaneously increased Wisdom, Ability to see through the veil of life/death *only when I desire to*, and of course, Flying by will of mind.

1.) I wish to dance like Fred Astaire

2.) I wish to be able to find the good in everyone that has good in them.

3.) I wish I had a hybrid Siberian war tiger named "Yurgi" and that it was big enough and tame enough that I could saddle it and ride it around.

Could you make three wishes in 60 seconds?


1. I wish for an infinite number of wishes.

2. I wish to be immortal.

3. I wish to have telepathic powers.

I would wish for

  1. Strong physical and mental health for the remainder of my life
  2. The ability to harness my creativity in any form I wanted to (I am creative, just struggle with actually using it)
  3. A happy love life

I know that there are probably downsides to these, but I was trying to make them in as little time as possible >< they are the 3 that leapt to my mind initially. Especially the last one :) Good question!!


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