Has anyone had any success using St. Expedite? Please share your stories!


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I recently did a Saint Expedite spell and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank him publicly for his blessings :) With his help, I was able to find an affordable place to live in the exact location I was looking for and for a better price than I ever expected I could find. Here is my letter addressed to him:

Dear Saint Expedite, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and support in guiding me these last few days. I managed to get the apartment I needed for such an amazing deal and I know you greatly influenced that meeting. You were so kind to me, Saint Expedite, and you knew better than I what would work for me. I honour you and express my deepest gratitude. Sending you so much love and thanks.

I'm on this hard!

My wife called out from another room  "Is that Charming Pixie Flora?"


I said " I have no idea, it's a post on Pagan Space."


and she said "It sounds like this girl i watched on YoutTube about a year ago."


Wow, that is staying power!

Living Encyc,Pagan Space,indeed......LOL

Flora is super-sweet.

FLORA was my MOM'S name,named after Flora MacDonald

It's a beautiful name Lass. 

It is.....

WHO the hell is this person ST. Expediate?? I doubt I'd use him......I'm pretty solid on my own spellworkings....
Though I find the stories of the saints interesting I don't use them or believe in them. That is my opinion of course. But my mother still prays to the saints and I deeply respect that and those that do. Though from what I know St. Expedite is used often in voodoo.
Hoodoo, actually. Vodouisants would rarely work with a spirit such as this that's outside their system (nothing against him, but its like Santisma Muerte... just not a part of the system, but part of it's own thing)
WELL how grande,still trusting MY way of doing it.........I get excellent results too......I truly had not heard of this before,too much time round that balefire....


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