There has been a bit of discussion recently around the Green Man, whose image appears all over European churches despite his obvious devotion from Pagan peoples. Another figure appears over many church doors...that of the Sheela na-Gig. Believed to be a hag or crone with a pronounced vulva, which she holds open. Are you familiar with this figure? What do you believe this mysterious figure signifies and why would this type of image be included in the decorative carvings of a church building? Does the Sheela na-Gig have any specific meaning for you?

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For me Sheelas are the preparers of the way. They are representative of the Mysteries and serve as both Gateway and Guardian. They are the tokens/representatives of the Land. symbols of sovereignty that the Sacred/sacrificial Kings enter into partnership with. They are both the Sacred and the Profane. They've always reminded me of the Arthurian story about Sir Gawain and Lady Ragnelle. Are we taken aback at her appearance, do we embrace what we are shown or do we come to realize that it has nothing what to do with us at all and recognize and honor her own sovereignty.


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